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To read and print the following forms, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Excel or Word.  Click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat program.

To save a form to your computer, right click on the desired form and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As".

Organizing Forms

  • Form 0-100 [Word] [pdf] Organizing Representation Authorization Card
  • Form 2 [Word] [pdf] Organizing New Project Notice
  • Form 3 [Word] [pdf] Organizing Project Dropped Notice
  • Form 4 [Word] [pdf] Organizing Progress Report
  • Form 8 [Word] [pdf] Request for Organizing Funds
  • Form 9 [Word] [pdf] Organizing Project Completion Notice
  • Form 9A [Word] [pdf] Organizing Change/Deletion Notice
  • Form 10 [Word] [pdf] Organizing Decertifications Quarterly Report

Financial Forms

MLO Forms

MLO forms can be e-mailed to CWA Headquarters at

  • MLO-80 [Word] [pdf] Deduction of Per Capita and Defense Fund for Make-up Dues
  • MLO-81 [Word] [pdf] Request for Automatic Deduction of Per Capita and Defense Fund for Dues Paid to Local
  • MLO-91 [Word] [pdf] NABET-CWA Outgoing Members
  • MLO-99 [Online Form] NABET-CWA Transfer Request Form
  • MLO-109 [Online Form] NABET-CWA Local Officer & Steward Change Form
  • MLO-110 [Word] [pdf] Amendment to Local Bylaws
  • MLO-111 [Word] [pdf] Certification for Change in Dues Deduction
  • MLO-112 [Word] [pdf] Application for Local Charter
  • MLO-113 [Word][pdf] Waiver of Local Jurisdiction 
  • MLO-114 [Word] [pdf] Expansion of Local Jurisdiction
  • MLO-115 [Word] [pdf] Labor Organization Bond Request/Change
  • MLO-118 [Word] [pdf] NABET-CWA Incoming Members
  • MLO-120 [Word] [pdf] Member Status Change Notification Member to Non-Member/Agency Fee Payer
  • MLO-121 [Word] [pdf] Notification of Change in Local Affiliation
  • MLO-124 [Excel] [pdf] Finance & Membership Charitable Giving Deduction Form (aka Standard Dues Authorization)
  • MLO-125 [Excel] [pdf] Direct Deposit Authorization for Local Dues Remittance
  • MLO-126 [Word] [pdf] Request for Dues Split Change
  • MLO-127 [Word] [pdf] IUE-CWA Admin. Option for Flat Rates Dues Structure
  • MLO-169 [Word] [pdf] Employee Information Update
  • MLO-504 [Excel] [Word] [pdf] Standard Dues Report

COPE/CWA Political Action Fund

   For more Poltiical Action Fund information, visit the Legislation & Politics page.

Defense Fund and Members' Relief Fund Forms

  • DFR-1 [Word] [pdf] CWA Members' Relief Fund Striker Certification Form
  • DFR-2 [Word] [pdf] CWA Members' Relief Fund Reimbursement and Reporting Form
  • DFR-4 [Word] [pdf] Strikers' Assistance Record - Local Record
  • DFR-5-1 [Word] [pdf] Strikers' Application for Assistance
  • DFR-5-2 [Word] [pdf] CWA Strike Counsellors' Data and Recommendations
  • General CWA SIF Request Form [Word] [pdf]
  • SIF Support for Collective Bargaining [Word] [pdf]
  • Growth Fund Grant Request Form [Word] [pdf]

Retired Members' Forms

  • RMC-01 [Word] [pdf] Retired Members' Council Lifetime Membership Application
  • RMC-02 [Word] [pdf] Retired Members' Council RMC Lifetime Membership Gifted & Retiree Chapter Membership Application
  • RMC-03 [Excel] [pdf] Retired Members' Council Chapter Membership
  • RMC-04 [Word] [pdf] Labor Organization Bond Coverage Request for Retired Members' Chapters
  • RMC-05 [Word] [pdf] Retired Members' Chapter Request for Information
  • RMC-06 [pdf] Local Gold Card Order Form
  • RMC-07 [Word] [pdf] Application for Charter CWA Retired Members' Council
  • RMC-08 [Word] [pdf] CWA Retired Members' Chapter Officer Update
  • RMC-09 [Word] [pdf] CWA Tax Exempt Status IRS Request

Education and Training

  • Education Registration Form [pdf]

Agency Fee Objection Forms

Private Sector