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Jobs, Health Care and Retirement Security

Fund the Pension Rally Trenton NJ

CWA members across the country are working through bargaining and legislative action to protect good jobs, quality health care and a secure retirement for working families. 

But these cornerstones of the middle class are being eroded. 

One of the biggest threats to working families is the continued outsourcing of our good paying jobs. Shipping jobs to low-road contractors and overseas has become just another corporate business decision without regard for the impact on workers and communities across our country. CWA is fighting back, and holding legislators accountable in their promises to stand up for our families by fighting for fair trade agreements, creating incentives to companies for domestic production, and investing in the critical jobs important for our future – in the green economy and other sectors.

Workers are paying more for health plans that deliver less coverage and over half have no employer-sponsored retirement plan at all. 

Medicare and Social Security are constantly under attack by Wall Streeters who want to shift the risk of affording health care and retirement to seniors.

Information and resources are provided here to assist CWA members in the fight to preserve quality benefit plans and secure a healthy future for all workers.

Health Care Bargaining

Pension Bargaining

Understanding the Affordable Care Act

State Public Employee Pension Websites


Holding Tech Companies Accountable
March 9, 2023

Worker Power Update

This week, Democratic Pennsylvania Congressman Chris Deluzio and Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown introduced CWA-endorsed legislation that would penalize employers who terminate or change access to healthcare benefits for workers during a strike and other news.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Strike
October 13, 2022

Striking CWA Members at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Remain Strong on the Picket Line

The striking workers, including members of Teamsters Local 205/211 and Pressmen’s Union GCC/IBT Local 24M/9N, are receiving an outpouring of support from community members, other union workers, labor leaders, and other allies.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Strike
October 6, 2022

CWA Members on Strike at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Over Unfair Labor Practices

Members of CWA Locals 14842 and 14827 who work at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette went on strike last night in response to unfair labor practices by management, including unilateral changes to their health care plan.