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Legislation and Politics

Legislative Agenda

Corporate Money In Politics -- The 2010 Citizens United opened the gates to unlimited corporate money in politics, making a bad situation, even worse. CWA, our Legislative Political Action Teams in every district and our progressive allies are fighting back against the flood of corporate dollars that is destroying our democratic process. Read more.

Support the Call Center Bill -- Over the last decade, the U.S. has lost around half a million call centers jobs to off-shoring. Often companies pocket millions in taxpayer dollars to establish local call centers before shipping those jobs abroad just a few years later. The U.S. Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act strikes back by cutting off-shorers off from federal grants and loans, giving you the right to know where your operator is based and giving you the right to transfer back to a US-based operator. Read more.

Collective Bargaining Rights -- CWA continues to stand up for workers in the United States and across the globe, and carries on the fight for the right of people everywhere to organize for fairer wages, benefits and working conditions. Read more.

Affordable High-Speed Internet for America -- Speed Matters is a project of CWA to support policies to bring affordable high speed Internet to all Americans.

Congressional Scorecard -- find out where your lawmakers stand on issues important to working families, including strengthening Social Security and Medicare, freedom to join a union, improving workplace safety and more.

Political Action

CWA Political ActionCWA Political Action Fund is the political action committee for CWA members, their families and retirees. CWA Political Action Fund informs and mobilizes union families to encourage their participation in the political process. Through their political action committee, CWA members and retirees express their voice in politics and policy issues that affect their lives.

Click here to contribute to the CWA Political Action Fund or learn more about thank you gifts. Monthly contributors may stop their monthly credit card contribution at any time. To stop your credit card contribution call the CWA Political Action Fund department at 202-434-1491.

This website is paid for by the CWA Committee on Political Education - Political Contributions Committee, with voluntary contributions from union members and their families, and is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.


CWA Members to Take Part in Poor People's Campaign Assembly
June 20, 2024

CWA Members to Take Part in Poor People's Campaign Assembly

On June 29, hundreds of CWA members and retirees from across the country will gather for the “Mass Poor People’s and Low-Wage Workers Assembly and Moral March on Washington, D.C., and to the Polls.”
Lauren Ashley Simmons Wins Texas Primary Runoff
June 6, 2024

CWA Member Wins Texas Runoff

Last week, Lauren Ashley Simmons wrapped up a successful primary campaign against incumbent Shawn Thierry (D) to become the Democratic candidate for Representative of Texas District 146.
CWA D1 Runaway Inequality
May 2, 2024

CWA Gears Up to Tackle Income Inequality

Members at CWA Local 1032 learned about the growing gap between the super-rich and ordinary workers and how we can fight back against inequality and level the economic playing field.