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Next Generation

CWA Next Generation

Next Gen in DC

Next Generation is a network of thousands of union members 35 and under in all districts and sectors who are mobilizing in support of CWA’s mission and goals. By contributing to  CWA’s core programs—including CWA Strong, Human Rights, Organizing, and Political Action—and strengthening our ties with local, regional, and national allies, we are building a robust foundation for the future of the labor movement. Our work is spearheaded by a team of Lead Activists who guide and advocate for our members.

Above all, CWA Next Gen is helping young workers contribute their knowledge, energy, and commitment to CWA’s fight for economic and social justice. If you're a CWA member who is 35 or under and want to learn and lead, you belong in Next Gen.

Join us.

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July 11, 2024

Next Generation ‒ Tiffany Rivera

A profile of Tiffany Rivers, a NextGen member of IUE-CWA Local 81102.
CWA President Cummings Meets with Next Gen Leaders
June 13, 2024

CWA President Cummings Meets with Next Gen Leaders

CWA's Next Gen program is designed to identify, train, and promote the future movers and shakers of the Labor Movement.
CWA Next Gen Human Rights Training
December 21, 2023

Next Gen Members Confront Role of Racism and Bias in Union Busting

CWA Next Generation members and the Human Rights Department are working together to educate and engage as many young members as possible in an effort to expose the historic and ongoing connections between union busting and racial and gender bias.