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CWA Next Generation


Next Gen in DC

Next Generation is a network of thousands of union members 35 and under in all districts and sectors who are mobilizing in support of CWA’s mission and goals. By contributing to  CWA’s core programs—including CWA Strong, Human Rights, Organizing, and Political Action—and strengthening our ties with local, regional, and national allies, we are building a robust foundation for the future of the labor movement. Our work is spearheaded by a team of Lead Activists who guide and advocate for our members.

Above all, CWA Next Gen is helping young workers contribute their knowledge, energy, and commitment to CWA’s fight for economic and social justice. If you're a CWA member who is 35 or under and want to learn and lead, you belong in Next Gen.

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August 25, 2022

CWA Next Gen Applauds Biden Administration’s Historic Student Debt Relief Plan

Since 2015, CWA Next Generation, which represents members of the Communications Workers of America who are 35 and younger, has advocated for student debt relief. Earlier this year, CWA joined more than 500 concerned organizations asking President Biden to keep his promise to working families by immediately canceling student loan debt via executive action. We applaud yesterday’s announcement that the Biden administration has taken much-needed action.
August 15, 2022

Lead Activist Spotlight: Mitchell Deachin

There’s a brand new Next Gen Lead Activist in District 4, and his name is Mitchell Deachin. Mitchell is a veteran AT&T employee who joined the successful organizing campaign at the company’s IHX department in 2021 and is now a chief union steward in Local 4008 in Southfield, Michigan.
Victoria Fisher
August 15, 2022

How Next Gen Shaped Victoria Fisher’s Path to Leadership

Victoria Fisher knows a lot about turning passion into action. Victoria was District 1’s Next Gen Lead Activist from 2013 to 2018, and she has turned that experience into a springboard for leadership roles within CWA and in her community.