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Local 7799 Labor Ball

Joy and Community at Local 7799’s Queer Liberation Ball

March 20, 2023
On February 25th, CWA Local 7799 hosted its first Union Ball for Queer Liberation in Colorado Springs to bring some joy to the labor and queer community and build resilience together. Members of the five labor unions making up Local 7799 were joined and supported by members of CWA Next Gen, the Colorado AFL-CIO, IBEW Local 1111, the Colorado Education Association, the Teamsters, and more.
Broadband Brigade

Broadband Brigade on the Move

March 20, 2023
A lot of you have heard about the Broadband Brigade and the Build Broadband Better initiative at CWA, but you might not know what we’ve been doing recently.
Halleli Zacher-Evergreen

Five Questions for Halleli Zacher of the Evergreen Workers Union

March 20, 2023
Today we’re launching a new series in which we talk to young workers across the country who are making “good trouble” as John Lewis taught us—and making a big difference. First up is Halleli Zacher who works for Washington Conservation Action and is a member of the Evergreen Workers Union, Local 7800 in Washington State. Halleli is on the organizing committee and the “Ministry of Solidarity and Joy.” Halleli was kind enough to sit down with me a couple of weeks ago for a short Q and A session, so I could learn more about her journey as a young leader.