CWA Political Action Fund

What is the CWA Political Action Fund?

The CWA Political Action Fund (PAF) is a non-partisan political action committee that fights for workers' political power. It is your chance to have your voice - and the issues you care about - heard at the local, state and national levels of government. Voluntary contributions to the fund go toward policies and candidates that defend workers' rights.

Current Political Fights

Right to Work (for Less)

We are continuing to fight against corporate attempts to push right-to-work (for less) legislation and anti-worker efforts in states like Illinois, Missouri and West Virginia where corporate-backed governors have launched an all-out-assault on worker unions.

Political Action Fund Victories

Defeating Right-to-Work (for Less)

Defeated right-to-work in Colorado, Missouri, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

Fighting Bad Trade Deals

Delayed passage of Fast Track for the bad TPP trade deal by driving an international coalition to expose anti-worker lies told by politicians and corporate lobbyists. We are now engaged in a fight to kill the deal for good and save more American jobs.

Defending Your Right to Vote

Mobilized thousands of CWA members from Florida, North Carolina, Texas, New Jersey, New York and other key states to beat back attempts by anti-democratic, corporate-funded campaigns to deny voting rights and poll access for some of our nation’s hardest-working communities.

The Cablevision Fight

When 22 Cablevision employees approached the vice president at their company depot to ask if the company was serious about organizing with the union, they were all wrongfully fired on the spot. CWA responded and rallied the support of prominent regional politicians. Through the combined efforts of CWA members and pro-worker candidates, the workers were reinstated and negotiated a fair contract. This victory would not have been possible without the political power gained through the Political Action Fund.

“Give me 5” - NLRB

CWA lead the effort to fill the vacant seats on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), restoring the ability of workers to challenge abuses by their employer. The filled NLRB seats made it possible for them to rule that T-Mobile employees could file all of their unfair labor practice complaints collectively, creating pressure for T-Mobile to respect workers organizing on the job for a collective bargaining agreement. This is a major deal for the working people in this country, and CWA’s Political Action Fund helped make it possible.

Pro-Worker and Progressive Elected Leaders

The PAF funds raised in 2012 and 2014 went directly into funding organizing efforts around progressive champions across the country, like Senator Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts. Leaders like her are now championing efforts to break up the banks that destroyed our economy and reinstate key laws that would prevent such greedy and risky gambling from occurring again. The Political Action Fund is being used to support campaigns for candidates who actively fight – not just talk – to make corporations and big banks pay their fair share.

Contribute Today

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Members who contribute $52 a year or more receive a special thank you gift.

Monthly contributors may stop their monthly credit card contribution at any time. To stop your credit card contribution call the CWA Political Action Fund department at 202-434-1491.

Federal law prohibits CWA or CWA COPE PCC from soliciting contributions from persons other than CWA members, CWA executive and administrative personnel, and their families. Any contribution received from any other source will be returned to the contributor.


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