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What Is CWA's Growth Fund?

CWA's Growth Fund supports union-wide programs that help members build power across all districts and sectors of our union. Growth Fund projects enhance our union's organizing, legislative and political, and education and leadership development efforts.

Committee for Better Banks

Growing Our Union Power through Organizing

With labor unions facing an onslaught of attacks from rightwing special interests, CWA members are working hard not only to defend against these anti-worker attacks, but also to grow and strengthen our union through organizing.

Growing Our Union Power through Education

Growing Our Union Power through Education

At CWA, we use education to build solidarity and fight against corporate greed. We provide our members with information on how the economy and our democracy are being rigged in favor of the 1% — and the ways we can fight back.

CWA News Winter 2016

What Do Working Families Want? A Fair Shake

Corporations are putting the squeeze on working families.

We won’t let everything we’ve worked for be taken away.

See how CEO pay in the U.S. compares with 35 OECD countries.

CWA News: Elections Are About Choices

Elections are About Choices

There’s a big difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, especially when it comes to the issues that matter to working families. 

Compare the candidates’ records on:

  • wages and workers’ rights
  • fair trade
  • the economy
  • women’s issues
  • veterans
  • and more
CWA News: Reclaiming Our Economy & Democracy

Standing Together, One Day Longer

CWA is in some tough fights.

The good news is that we’re a union where members have each other’s backs.

That’s how we know we can take on greedy employers and the 1 percent, and win. 

CWA News Spring 2016

NJ Governor Vetoes Leah's Law

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed “Leah’s Law,” endangering thousands of child welfare workers who are engaged in some of the most dangerous work in the state.

The bipartisan legislation was named for CWA Local 1038 member Leah Coleman who was stabbed more than 20 times by a deranged client in November 2014. The brutal attack, which nearly cost Leah her life, occurred just days after the Christie administration made the cost-cutting decision to pull all police officers out of New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF) offices. Without security or metal detectors, the client walked into the building with a nine-inch kitchen knife in broad daylight. Thankfully, two CWA caseworkers were able to tackle and subdue the assailant, while three HPAE nurses treated Leah’s wounds until the ambulance arrived.