CWA News 2020

Building Worker Power

When workers organize, mobilize, and strike together we can build power and win the wages, benefits, and working conditions we need and deserve.

PRO Act for Worker Rights

This is a year of challenge - and opportunity - for our union and for the labor movement.

Thank You Representatives

Passing the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act and other bills to update our outdated, broken labor laws is a top priority for working people across the country, and CWA members have been leading the fight.

Member Spotlight

It’s hard to believe that the federal government’s agency to protect workers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), is only 50 years old.

CWA News
Fall 2017

We're Not Going Away

Every Labor Day we’re treated to another round of media stories claiming that unions have no place in our global economy. Now that’s really fake news.

CWA News Summer 2017
Summer 2017

What We Do Well

Since our last convention, we rallied, mobilized, organized and picketed. Our bargaining teams negotiated contracts covering tens of thousands of CWA members across our industries and sectors. Thousands of workers in the airline industry, telecom and wireless, and customer service organized and more gained a CWA voice. We engaged in civil disobedience, marched for democracy and civil rights and demanded pension fairness. We’re proud of our solidarity and our union.

CWA News Spring 2017
Spring 2017

CWA Strong Union Strong - The CWA Strong Plan

The goal of CWA Strong is to create a shared understanding of the forces that seek to derail the gains we’ve made. We’ll use the smarts we’ve acquired in decades of organizing, bargaining and mobilization to reach every member, strengthen our union and protect good jobs, wages, benefits and retirement.