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Fighting for Worker Power

For 85 years, corporate special interests have spent billions to deploy an army of lobbyists and lawyers to orchestrate a relentless campaign to disempower working people. We are fighting back, and with a new president and a new Congress we have the opportunity to rebuild worker power.

Support for unions is at its highest level in decades, and millions of workers need training and support to bring union power to their workplaces. We cannot let employers use the pandemic as an excuse to erode our collective bargaining agreements.

Black Lives Matter

CWA leaders and members have participated in a series of virtual training sessions on building an anti-racist union; recognizing implicit bias; how to actively dismantle racist systems, ideas, and practices; and how to form Local Human Rights Committees.

Fighting for the Middle Class

Too many Americans do not have access to affordable, reliable broadband. As President Shelton noted when he testified before Congress on the issue, children shouldn't have to sit in a McDonald’s parking lot using the free wifi to do their homework.

CWA News Spring 2018
Spring 2018

Our Nation Needs Unions

CWA members will continue to stand up and fight, despite anti-union corporate and political groups who are intent on restricting the freedom of working people to stand together for respect and fairness in the workplace.

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Fall 2017

We're Not Going Away

Every Labor Day we’re treated to another round of media stories claiming that unions have no place in our global economy. Now that’s really fake news.

CWA News Summer 2017
Summer 2017

What We Do Well

Since our last convention, we rallied, mobilized, organized and picketed. Our bargaining teams negotiated contracts covering tens of thousands of CWA members across our industries and sectors. Thousands of workers in the airline industry, telecom and wireless, and customer service organized and more gained a CWA voice. We engaged in civil disobedience, marched for democracy and civil rights and demanded pension fairness. We’re proud of our solidarity and our union.