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Tough Bargaining, Tough Union

CWA members are tough. We’ve shown that in countless rounds of bargaining, in strikes when we needed to, and in everything we do to represent members and working families. Here are some recent examples of CWA in action.

  • 20,000 new members in airlines, telecom, the public sector, media, and more joined our union over the past year. Workers at Cathay Airlines, Envoy, DIRECTV, and more are making CWA STRONG.
  • Negotiated an industry-leading contract for 25,000 Flight Attendants at United Airlines, following the merger of United, Continental and Continental Micronesia Airlines.
  • Nearly 40,000 workers from AT&T Mobility and AT&T Wireline joined forces to mobilize for good contracts.
  • 39,000 members Verizon members, with the support of allies and members across CWA, took on Verizon and won following a seven-week strike, energizing the entire union movement.
  • It took a 20 year campaign, but 15,000 passenger service agents at American Airlines won a CWA voice and an industry-leading first contract.
  • Negotiated a contract with the new Chinese owner of Appliance Park (formerly GE), enabling nearly 4,000 IUE-CWA members to keep their union contract protection.
  • Gained a seat on the Avaya Creditor Committee to safeguard the interests of our 550 active members and thousands of retirees while the company goes through bankruptcy.
  • Negotiated the AT&T National Internet Contract that provides life-changing wages and benefits to workers.
  • Building bi-partisan, congressional support for our call center legislation to keep jobs in the U.S. and bring jobs back from overseas.
  • Our 700 members lasted one day longer, one day stronger than management at Momentive Performance Materials in Waterford, NY, where a 100-day strike beat back giveback demands.
  • CWA activists and grassroots allies forced the withdrawal of an anti-worker Secretary of Labor nominee.
  • CWAers and the Committee for Better Banks blew the whistle on Wells Fargo’s use of abusive sales goals and pressure tactics. The bank dropped that quota system; the CEO resigned.

Bargaining Collage Spring 2017

The CWA Strong Pledge

CWA STRONG is a challenge to all of us, to create a shared understanding of the forces that seek to derail the gains we’ve made. We’ll use the smarts we’ve acquired in decades of organizing, bargaining and mobilization to reach every member, strengthen our union and protect good jobs, wages, benefits and retirement.

I pledge to be an active member of my union. I will make my local stronger by encouraging non-members to join and doing whatever it takes to protect our jobs, wages, benefits and retirement. I am CWA STRONG.