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Local 1040 is CWA Strong

CWA Local 1040CWA Local 1040, which represents more than 9,000 workers in both the public and private sectors in New Jersey, is no stranger to rising to challenges.

The local has fought tirelessly against anti-worker New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has prioritized cutting taxes for the super-wealthy while taking money from pensions and pursuing policies that harm working families. The local has been working hard to make sure that the state keeps its commitment and provides for full funding of the public employee pension system.

Now, Local 1040 is ramping up internal organizing. Having signed up hundreds of new members last year as part of an organizing program, the local is now training 37 new activists for an Organizing Rapid Response Team that will continue this work and make communication with members and non-members a top priority.

"Our members are ready to work hard to grow our local and to make workers' voices heard," said Carolyn Wade, president of CWA Local 1040, who also leads the CWA Executive Board Organizing Committee. "The challenges we face, along with other CWA locals and the entire labor movement, are a great opportunity for us to make our union stronger."

The Rapid Response Team will talk one-on-one with every employee so that every employee knows all about the benefits of being a union member. The team will also gather feedback from their fellow employees to help further develop the organizing campaign.

"Our goal is to make sure that every employee knows about the important work we're doing, and has a chance to be part of a movement to shape our workplaces and communities," Wade said.