Volume 77, Issue #1, Spring 2017

Bargaining Collage Spring 2017

Tough Bargaining, Tough Union

CWA members are tough. We’ve shown that in countless rounds of bargaining, in strikes when we needed to, and in everything we do to represent members and working families.

Keeping Call Center Jobs in Our Communities

A new CWA report is exposing more about the offshoring of U.S. call center jobs and the adverse effects on U.S. jobs and consumers.

Medicare Beneficiaries Incomes

CWA Strong - Protecting Medicare and Retirement Security

Medicare is the federal health insurance program that 57 million seniors and people with disabilities count on for affordable, quality health benefits. But there could be trouble ahead.

CWA Strong - Union Strong

Our Strategy for Success

CWA STRONG: Standing Up for Our Jobs and Our Families.

CWA News Spring 2017 Bargaining Report

Bargaining Good Contracts

CWA Bargaining Updates for Spring 2017

Chris Shelton

We are CWA Strong

CWA President Shelton: I’m proud that we’re a union where every member has every other member’s back. That solidarity and strength is about to be tested, but I have no doubt that we’re up to this challenge.

Wages in RTW states

Workplace Protections, Right to Bargain

A law passed in Iowa on Feb. 16 allows public worker unions to bargain only about base wages. Bargaining over health care, evaluations, layoff policies and other issues no longer permitted. The arbitration process also was restricted. Public workers nationwide are bracing for similar assaults,

Standing up for good jobs

Puzder Withdrawal a Victory for Working Families

Facing massive opposition from labor groups and allies, anti-worker Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder withdrew his name from consideration the day before his scheduled Senate hearing.

Women's March

Women’s March on Washington

More than 1,000 CWA women and men came to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 21 to stand up for justice and dignity for all. They joined a crowd that grew to more than half a million people.