CWA News 2020

Building Worker Power

When workers organize, mobilize, and strike together we can build power and win the wages, benefits, and working conditions we need and deserve.

PRO Act for Worker Rights

This is a year of challenge - and opportunity - for our union and for the labor movement.

Thank You Representatives

Passing the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act and other bills to update our outdated, broken labor laws is a top priority for working people across the country, and CWA members have been leading the fight.

Member Spotlight

It’s hard to believe that the federal government’s agency to protect workers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), is only 50 years old.

CWA News Spring 2019
Spring 2019

Keeping CWA Strong

Several extremely wealthy CEOs and investors have made it their mission to make sure nothing stands in their way as they cut jobs, drive down wages, reduce benefits, and gut health and safety regulations. CWA leaders anticipated these challenges.

CWA News Spring 2018
Spring 2018

Our Nation Needs Unions

CWA members will continue to stand up and fight, despite anti-union corporate and political groups who are intent on restricting the freedom of working people to stand together for respect and fairness in the workplace.

CWA News
Fall 2017

We're Not Going Away

Every Labor Day we’re treated to another round of media stories claiming that unions have no place in our global economy. Now that’s really fake news.