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CWA’s Policy on Mutual Respect

CWA’s Policy on Mutual Respect calls on all members to fight discrimination, including sexual harassment, whenever and wherever we see it. The policy states:

Freedom from discrimination within our Union is a right and privilege of all CWA members. Any abridgement of this right and privilege shall be subject to a complaint under the CWA Internal Appeals Procedures and should be investigated immediately without fear of reprisal and retaliation.

Members who experience or witness discrimination or sexual harassment, whether by another CWA member, a supervisor, or customer should immediately report it to their steward, Local Officer, or member of the Local’s Human Rights committee. If the Local’s governing body fails to take appropriate action to address the complaint, or if the member wishes to appeal the decision of the Local about how to address the complaint, the member should contact their CWA District office for further specific guidance on how to proceed. To learn which CWA District covers your location, visit

A full copy of the Policy on Mutual Respect is available online at Information on CWA's complaint and appeals process is available online at