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Steward Strong

In 2019, CWA’s Convention delegates resolved to renew our union through investing in our stewards by passing the Steward Strong resolution. The resolution directed CWA staff to design a program that would redefine the role of the steward with a focus on building worker power and generating pressure on employers to address the workplace needs of our members, while still recognizing the important function stewards play in representation and enforcing collective bargaining agreements.

After a development process that included incorporating feedback from stewards and several pilot trainings, CWA had begun rolling out the new Steward Strong training curriculum when the pandemic hit. Now that revisions have been made to allow the training to be delivered virtually, staff training on the curriculum has begun.

Along with the training, CWA has created a CWA Steward Strong web portal. The portal,, contains resources for grievance handling, organizing and mobilizing, and other issues. There is also information on how to access training materials.