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Volume 81, Issue #1 | Spring 2021

CWA News Spring 2021

Fighting for Worker Power

For 85 years, corporate special interests have spent billions to deploy an army of lobbyists and lawyers to orchestrate a relentless campaign to disempower working people. We are fighting back, and with a new president and a new Congress we have the opportunity to rebuild worker power.
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To Build Back Better, We Must Rebuild the Power of Working People

Support for unions is at its highest level in decades, and millions of workers need training and support to bring union power to their workplaces. We cannot let employers use the pandemic as an excuse to erode our collective bargaining agreements.
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Black Lives Matter

Building an Anti-Racist Union

CWA leaders and members have participated in a series of virtual training sessions on building an anti-racist union; recognizing implicit bias; how to actively dismantle racist systems, ideas, and practices; and how to form Local Human Rights Committees.
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Fighting for the Middle Class

Building Out Broadband and Closing the Digital Divide

Too many Americans do not have access to affordable, reliable broadband. As President Shelton noted when he testified before Congress on the issue, children shouldn't have to sit in a McDonald’s parking lot using the free wifi to do their homework.
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CWA Local 9415 Steward Strong

Steward Strong

In 2019, CWA’s Convention delegates passed the Steward Strong resolution, directing CWA staff to design a program to redefine the role of stewards, with a focus on building worker power and generating pressure on employers to address workplace needs for our members.
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Mutual Respect

CWA’s Policy on Mutual Respect

Freedom from discrimination within our Union is a right and privilege of all CWA members. Any abridgement of this right and privilege shall be subject to a complaint under the CWA Internal Appeals Procedures and should be investigated immediately without fear of reprisal and retaliation.
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End the Pandemic Together

COVID-19 Safety and Vaccination

Since the start of the pandemic, CWA activists and leaders have been pushing employers to implement protections and precautions against the spread of COVID-19 and advocating for workplace infectious disease standards at the state and federal level.
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