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Customer Service Week of Action

October 15-21, 2017

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This year, CWA's Customer Service Week of Action starts October 15. The theme is "End CEO Hocus Pocus: Stop Offshoring & Outsourcing Good Jobs." For local unions who sign up to participate in the Week of Action, the Customer Service Program will send out a box of materials including some tokens of appreciation for your customer service members. Click here to learn more about the Week of Action and how to register.

Save Call Center Jobs

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In the past few years, thousands of customer service jobs in the United States have disappeared. But demand isn’t shrinking and profits aren’t down. Companies already making billions off of U.S. consumers are shipping good jobs overseas to call centers in Mexico, India, and the Philippines. These big corporations are boosting their profits at the expense of our jobs and our communities.

Congress can help put a stop to this by passing H.R.1300 and S.515, common sense legislation that:

  • Requires that U.S. callers be told the location of the call center to which they are speaking.
  • Offers callers the opportunity to be connected to a U.S.-based call center.
  • Makes U.S. companies who offshore their call center jobs ineligible for certain federal grants and taxpayer-funded loans.

We need to let Congress know that keeping American workers employed and our communities strong should be their top priority. Click here to sign our petition today.

Learn more about the federal call center bill that CWA supports and how outsourcing call center jobs hurts our communities.