New! Union Plus AT&T Mobility Phone Plan Discount Now 15 Percent

The Union Plus discount for union members for AT&T Mobility plans is now 15 percent, up from 10 percent, effective this week. The discount applies to monthly individual and family cell phone plans over $29.99, including plans covering Apple's new iPhone4 and earlier models.

AT&T Mobility is the only union wireless service.

Members currently enrolled in an AT&T Mobility plan who already get the 10 percent discount can receive the new 15 percent discount; a new two-year service agreement is required. CWA members should provide this special AT&T discount FAN number, 3508840, when speaking with retail sales agents at AT&T Mobility-owned stores (not authorized AT&T dealers or kiosks), AT&T customer service representatives over the phone at 877-290-5451, or online at the Union Plus website,

At the store, CWA members must provide their union identification (a union membership card, a pay stub showing a dues deduction, or Union Plus Credit Card) in addition to the FAN number, 3508840.