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Who is CWA?

CWA is labor union where working people join together to strengthen our voice in our jobs and communities. 
We work not just in the communications and information industries, but also in the news media, the airlines, broadcast and cable television, public service, higher education and health care, manufacturing, in high tech and more.

Although we come from different industries, even different countries, we are united in our belief that we can build a better future, together.

That's why CWA has helped over 132,000 workers achieve representation over the last ten years, but we aren’t stopping there. We joined CWA not just to achieve our goals of Job Security, Fair Pay and Respect, but to help all workers achieve those rights. That’s why most of our organizing happens on the local level, because our members genuinely care about building and supporting their communities.

We know how difficult it is to take that first step towards representation, which is why we’re here to help. Because not that long ago we were standing right where you are, frustrated, tired, angry, scared, alone. We weren’t troublemakers before joining CWA, we were just like you, hard workers tired of being treated unfairly.

With CWA, we learned what it meant to have a real voice in the workplace, to have a real say in our future, and we want you to join us. CWA isn’t some self-interested third party, or any other boss-made boogeyman. CWA is where working families come together to improve our lives, and to build a movement for every worker to receive the respect they deserve.

If you're ready to take the next step and find out more about joining CWA call 202-434-1100 or click here and one of our organizers will be happy to speak with you.