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Women's Committee

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In Support of its Mission, the National Women’s Committee:

  • Encourages Locals to establish an active committee.
  • Creates programs and strategies to assist Local committees in starting and maintaining programs which are active in their local and community.
  • Educates on health, economic and social issues that affect women.
  • Encourages and supports women in fighting at the local, state and national level for legislation designed to improve the status of working women and their families.
  • Promotes and encourages women to run for elected public office and support candidates.
  • Support efforts to recruit and train women organizers in CWA’s effort to organize women.
  • Strives continuously to educate women on the labor movement while encouraging their involvement at all levels.

National Women's Committee Members

District 1
Elizabeth Mercado, Staff Rep.
CWA Local 1101

District 2-13
Ann Vogler, President
CWA Local 2006

District 3
Yolanda Pearson, Exec VP
CWA Local 3204

District 4
Cindy Krebbs, Sec-Treasurer
CWA Local 4603

District 6
Shawanda Rankin, Vice President
CWA Local 6143

District 7
Tayqwoiseceyon Atkins, Exec V.P.
Local 9586

District 9
Esthela Hernandez, Steward
Local 9586

Bridgette Jones 
CWA Local 83701

Desiree Sky Navaro, Steward
CWA Local 7000

Yan Yan Teague, LEC Human Rights Committee Chair
Council 19-Alaska Airlines

Erin Mardon, Vice President
CWA Local 51021

* Women's Committee Chair

Women's District Coordinators

Tonya Moore
District 1

Elaine Harris
District 2-13

Andee Hubbard
District 3

Diane Bailey
District 4

Sherron Molina
District 6

Bonnie Winther
District 7

Robert Longer
District 9