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In Support of its Mission, the National Women’s Committee:

  • Encourages Locals to establish an active committee.
  • Creates programs and strategies to assist Local committees in starting and maintaining programs which are active in their local and community.
  • Educates on health, economic and social issues that affect women.
  • Encourages and supports women in fighting at the local, state and national level for legislation designed to improve the status of working women and their families.
  • Promotes and encourages women to run for elected public office and support candidates.
  • Support efforts to recruit and train women organizers in CWA’s effort to organize women.
  • Strives continuously to educate women on the labor movement while encouraging their involvement at all levels.

National Women's Committee Members


District 1
Elizabeth Mercado, Staff Rep. For Local           
CWA Local 1105

District 2-13
Ann Vogler, President
CWA Local 2006

District 3
Yolanda Pearson, Exec VP
CWA Local 3204

District 4
Kimberly Liska, Sec-Treas
CWA Local 4302

District 6
Jo Angela Herrera, Vice President
CWA Local 6143

District 7
Karen Pearson, Retired Member
CWA Local 7704

District 9
Tonia Dumas, Chief Steward
Local 9400



LaTonya Wilcox, Grievance Chair
CWA Local 81381

Public Sector
Marlene Jiminez, Vice President
CWA Local 7777

CWA Headquarters
TBD, Director of HR
CWA HR, EDU & H&S Department

* Women's Committee Chair

Women's District Coordinators

Tonya Moore
District 1

Elaine Harris
District 2-13

Angie Wells
District 3

Jane Phillips
District 4

Sherron Molina
District 6

Bonnie Winther
District 7

Judy RaPue
District 9