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How CWA Works: Unity at AT&T Mobility

Our union is only as strong as our members. Without you, there is no union.

As a Unity at AT&T Mobility member, you can participate in and have an impact on your Unions elections at both the local and national levels. You can get involved directly with your local, or simply make your voice heard by being active!

Leaders for CWA Locals are elected every three years (most on the same cycle) to represent their members and lead all union programs such as legislative and political action and organizing. Per our constitution, there must be at least three elected officials in each local: a President, a Vice President, and a Secretary-Treasurer (Secretary and Treasurer can also be separate positions). Some locals also have elected executive board positions or stewards.

Here are some ways you can get involved on the local level:

You can play a role by running for office, or making sure you vote and make your voice heard.

If you want to know more about how you can use your knowledge and experience to improve and grow our Union, check out the U@M map for contact information for your local union president.

Get Involved in National Elections:

Within each district and local, delegates are elected to attend the national convention, held every two years, to represent their interests and opinions. Delegates to the convention vote for CWA's national officers, who serve four-year terms.

Contact your local union president to find out more about elections.

Be a Bargaining Voice:

Members of bargaining committees are selected prior to the start of each contract negotiation. Bargaining committee members are integral to the process of making change happen for the U@M community.

Even if you aren't interested in serving on a bargaining committee, you can make your voice heard by completing bargaining surveys, which help committees identify members' priorities in contract negotiations.

Learn more about some of our recent bargaining victories here.

Get Active Across CWA:

The CWA Human Rights Activist Network is working to advance the interests specific to human rights both within and beyond our Union. You can join the efforts and add your voice by signing up here.

CWA's NextGen Network is working to engage younger members throughout the union, as we pursue social and economic justice, and is looking for more members to lead the charge on the local level. Join the NextGen Network by signing up at

Building Political Power:

CWA's Legislative/Political Action Teams are hard at work taking an active role in local, state, and federal campaigns. They're ensuring that federal and state legislation affecting our members reflects our point of view and protects our interests. Get involved today.