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Unity at AT&T Mobility


CWA represents over 45,000 AT&T Mobility workers. Workers are covered by contracts based on location.

A New AT&T Mobility Orange Contract

Recently, a new Orange contract was ratified by CWA members at AT&T Mobility. 
PDF icon Read the full contract here.Unity at AT&T Mobility

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Thirst Strike
July 27, 2023

Worker Power Update

CWAers are taking a stand for workers' rights to water breaks and to regulate AI in the workplace.
White House Listening Session on AI
June 1, 2023

AT&T Mobility Worker Discusses Impact of AI with White House Staff

Last week, CWA Local 3519 Vice President Ylonda Sherrod participated in a White House listening session on the use of automated technologies by employers to surveil, monitor, evaluate, and manage their workers.
DirecTV Informational Picket
February 16, 2023

Bargaining Update

A tentative agreement at AT&T Mobility (Black), plus bargaining updates for DirecTV, Liberty Latin America Ltd., and American Airlines.