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Health and Safety

Calling all CWA Health and Safety Activists for the 2024 USW Health, Safety and  Environment (HSE) Conference

Read the message from CWA President Claude Cummings Jr., which includes registration information. The conference will be held August 19 – 23, 2024 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

2024 Workers Memorial Day: Good Jobs Safe Jobs. Protect Our Rights.

Each year, on Workers Memorial Day, we remember workers killed on the job in a work-related incident or who died from an occupational illness and renew our commitment to working together to fight for strong safety and health protections. Continue reading this article.

Workers Memorial Day 2024

The AFL-CIO materials for Workers Memorial Day 2024 are now available.

Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect

The AFL-CIO's "2024 Death on the Job: the Toll of Neglect" report is available.

About the CWA Occupational Safety & Health Department

The CWA Occupational Safety and Health Department has as its primary responsibility the elimination/minimization of member exposure to hazardous working conditions and potentially related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. The Department’s primary areas of activity include:

  • Promoting the awareness of occupational and environmental safety and health issues and concerns,
  • Training CWA members in occupational safety and health recognition and control, and
  • Developing an ongoing comprehensive workplace safety and health program.

The primary work functions of the department include:

  • The identification of member workplace safety and health needs,
  • The development and use of information and communication tools including the CWA Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Webpage,  
  • The development and dissemination of educational and training materials that target the elimination/minimization of hazardous working conditions experienced by CWA members,
  • The provision of technical assistance that addresses specific member workplace safety and health hazards,
  • Conducting and sponsoring both generalized and specialized occupational safety and health education and training classes/programs for CWA leaders and occupational safety and health activists, and
  • Conducting and sponsoring survey and scientific research specific to the workplace safety and health hazards encountered by the Union’s members.

These activities are achieved through the development and use of a coordinated approach within CWA involving headquarters personnel as well as national, district, and local officers, leaders, and occupational safety and health activists.


May 23, 2024

CWA Advocacy Secures Big Wins in FAA Reauthorization Bill

Following months of prolonged advocacy by transportation unions, including CWA, President Biden signed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act of 2024 into law.
Health and Safety
May 23, 2024

Tower Climbers Lobby for Safety and Transparency

Since meeting with legislators, the proposed bill has started to secure co-sponsors.
OSH Committee Minutes
May 13, 2024

Calling all CWA Health & Safety Activists for the 2024 HSE Conference

We strongly encourage you to consider sending both ‘seasoned’ health and safety activists/reps, as well as members with less experience who have a strong interest in being involved in the fight for health and safety.