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CWA Broadband Training and Workforce Development Initiatives

OSHA-10 Construction Course for Broadband Technicians

CWA is offering a free OSHA-10 Construction course to schools and employers that are training broadband technicians. This broadband-targeted OSHA-10 Construction training is taught by CWA OSHA-Authorized Trainers for Construction. The CWA OSHA-authorized trainers work for major telecommunications companies. Each trainer has many years of field and safety experience in Broadband and related work, so they know the job and the work conditions.

Every attendee who successfully completes the OSHA-10 Construction class will receive an OSHA-10 card issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, which verifies completion of the class. Many construction job sites require workers to have OSHA-10 Construction cards to perform work on the site, so an OSHA-10 Construction card can be a necessity.

Safety First is Good for Workers & for Business

  • OSHA-10 Construction training can prevent injuries and save lives!
  • When you invest in safety and health education, your bottom line will benefit as well. OSHA estimates that for every $1 you invest in safety training, there is a $4-$6 return!

For more details on the contents of the OSHA-10 Construction course, download our printable PDF leaflet.

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Registered Apprenticeship for Broadband Technicians

CWA is expanding its apprenticeship initiatives to meet the moment of large-scale broadband build-out. Working in partnership with employers, CWA locals are building apprenticeship programs in several states. More information: 

Information on the Broadband Labor Market

CWA works with government at all levels to contribute the expertise of our frontline membership to develop effective strategies for workforce development and broadband investment. More information: 

For information on CWA’s advocacy for high-quality networks and good jobs in the Infrastructure Act’s BEAD Program, visit