ADT/Johnson Controls

  Johnson Controls Local 7704



  2015 Installation Contract CWA 25
  Goodman 2020 CBA



  2018 CWA Ops Agreement
  2018 AT&T CWA Ops Appendix 5
  2019 NIC Extension
  2016-2018 Monthly Benefit Tables
  2015  AT&T Appendix (Wage table)
  2018 Puerto Rico Agreement
  2018 Virgin Islands Agreement



  AVAYA CWA 2009
  Avaya CWA Wage Schedule Tables - 2012 and 2013
  Avaya Extension
  2020 Contract Modification and Extension



  PDF icon CenturyLink Alabama
  PDF icon CenturyLink Winter Garden/Ocala
  PDF icon CenturyLink Winter Park
  PDF icon CenturyLink Hickory and Madison
  PDF icon CenturyLink Tarboro/Local 3680
  PDF icon CenturyLink Pennsylvania - Butler
  PDF icon CenturyLink Kansas
  PDF icon CenturyLink Indiana
  PDF icon CenturyLink New Jersey
  PDF icon CenturyLink Southeast/Local 3871
  PDF icon CenturyLink Virginia/Local 2204
  CenturyLink Missouri/Local 6372
  CenturyLink Texas/Local 6174
  PDF icon CenturyLink Wisconsin / Local 4671
  CenturyLink Washington State
  CenturyLink Northwest/Local 7970
  National Transfer Plan


Communications Systems Industries (CSI)

  Agreement/CWA (AFL-CIO)/Local 1150/Voice 2000 Inc (April 2013-September 2017)



  2018 CWA DirecTV Agreement
  PDF icon 2017 Memorandum of Agreement Appendix A
  PDF icon DTV Structure Letters



  PDF icon Evoque Data Center Solutions



  2015 Frontier CWA MOA
  PDF icon Local 1111 / 1122 New York
  Frontier/Citizens CWA Local 7471 - Exp: 05/23/20
  MOA Frontier Connecticut
  MOA Frontier - California
  PDF icon Frontier/CWA Citizens Telecommunications Company of Nebraska, Expires 5/23/2020
  PDF icon CWA Frontier Communications California Extension Agreement



  OFS CBA - May 29, 2016 - May 31, 2020
  OFS Contract Extension 2020
  Wage Table (Norcross)
  Wage Table (Sturbridge)



  PDF icon Sodexo 2014-2019



  Kentucky Locals 3371 & 3372
  Windstream Mississippi Local 3511
  Windstream Ohio Local 4324
  Windstream Ohio Local 4485
  Windstream Iowa
  Windstream Nebraska (Local 7470)
  Windstream Western Reserve Southern District Local 4488
  PA Kittaning /Local 13000
  PA Brookville /Local 13000
  PA Muncy/Local 13000 
  PA Ridgway Service Area/Local 13000
  Windstream Carolina and CWA Local Unions 3683 and 3716 (April 2017 - April 2020)
  Windstream Florida, Inc. Live Oak, FL
  Windstream Valor Kerrville Local 6171


Tucker Technology, Inc.

  PDF icon 2016 Tucker Technology


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