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Beirne Scholarship Yearly Winners


Name, Relationship to Member, Local
Toemars Levell, Son of Tasha Graham, 1101
Nailah Thomas, Self, 1037
Chelsea Walsh, Daughter of Timothy Walsh, 1103
Alex Glynn, Son of Sandra Tan, 31026
Alejandro Boxx, Son of Jeffrey Boxx, 1170
Amberleigh Fretwell, Daughter of Ian Thomas, 2222
Paris Iqbal, Daughter of Victoria Munoz, 3640
Brayden Degueyter, Son of Nicholas Degueyter, 3406
Branden Haywood, Son of Willie Webb, 4320
Jordyn Zittle, Daughter of Jason Zittle, 4302
Natalie Anderson, Daughter of Joe Anderson, 6012
Holden Guilfoyle, Son of Timothy Guilfoyle, 6410
Reina Lujan, Self, 7076
Jayleen Ramirez, Daughter of Fernando Ramirez, 9333
Charles D. Cease, Son of Editha Cease, 9003
Elisabeth Coppard-Reuten, Daughter of Pat Coppard, 30223


Sofia Robertson, Daughter of Patricia Robertson, 1038
Ciara Bennett, Daughter of Chicona Gregory, 1032
Neha Aluwalia, Daughter of Somia Aluwalia, 1036
Lazaro Asiatico, Member, 1180
Frank DeStefano, Son of Frank DeStefano, 1104
Brayden Pates, Son of Aaron Pates, 2001
Danielle Grenon, Daughter of Michael Grenon, 3101
Donovan Francois, Son of Frank Francois, 3108
Lorelei Martin, Granddaughter of John Schupra, 4001
Carsyn Dixon, Daughter of Ali Roby, 4050
Malik Salami, Son of Najeem Salami, 6222
Tyler Bohanan, Son of John Bohanan, 6009
Ramsey Zilka, Daughter of Keith Zilka, 7108
Dyanna Gutierrez, Daughter of Chris McDaniel, 9404
Parker Mendoza, Son of Rober Mendoza, 9410
Emma Cowley, Daughter of Paul Cowley, 30400


Marcel Oliart, son of Antonio Oliart, NABET-CWA Local 51018
Sehaye Luks, daughter of JoAnna Luks, CWA Local 1081
April Garcia, daughter of Ana Garcia, CWA Local 1040
Christopher Herbert, son of Robin Herbert, CWA Local 1180
Caitlin Lambe, daughter of Norman Lambe, CWA Local 1101
Anna Wallace, daughter of John Wallace, CWA Local 2201
Jason Andrews, grandson of Walter Andrews, CWA Local 3204
Shelby Hill, daughter of Nathan Hill, CWA Local 3803
Christopher Tran, son of Anthony Tran, Chicago Mailers/PPMWS-CWA Local 14430
Bea Traum, daughter of Kurt Traum, CWA Local 4340
Ameena Khan, daughter of Aisha Sultan, TNG-CWA Local 36047
Floyd Bell, III, son of Floyd Bell Jr., CWA Local 6300
Paavo Passi, son of Peter Passi, Minnesota Newspaper Guild/TNG-CWA Local 37002
Jewel Johnson, dependent of Decovan Rhem, CWA Local 9415
Nathan Guerrero, son of Anibal Guerrero, CWA Local 9586
Leah Flatman, daughter of Trevor Flatman, CWA|SCA Canada Local 30223


Maya Harper, daughter of Robin Dade, CWA Local 1038
Debbie Yu, member, CWA Local 1104
Destiny Kirk, daughter of Richard Kirk, CWA Local 81359
Malek Boxx, son of Ronald Boxx, CWA Local 1170
Messiah Cook, son of Marie Cook, CWA Local 1036
Alyssa Montalvo, daughter of Julio Montalvo, CWA Local 13000
Jakobe Smith, son of Frederick Smith CWA Local 3902
Leah Daire, daughter of Alexander Daire, CWA Local 3122
Zach Boerner, grandson of Frank Boerner, CWA Local 4603
Paige Yu, daughter of Weili Du, CWA Local 24008
Nicholas Aragon, son of Leticia Aragon, CWA Local 6001
Derek Bachman, son of Matt Bachman, CWA Local 6402
Jackson Anderson, son of Tony Anderson, CWA Local 7476
Matthew Mejia, son of Omar Mejia, CWA Local 9510
Chioma Chibuko, daughter of Efanye Chibuko, CWA Local 9410
Pascal Hum, son of Peter Hum, CWA Local 30205


Francine Gomes, daughter of Elizabeth Gomes, Local 1031
Julian Nieves, son of Antonio Nieves, Local 1037
Julian LeFlore, son of E’Lisha Walker-LaFlore, Local 1085
Ethan Michael Gentile, son of Jonathon Gentile, Local 1123
Autumn Tewksbury, daughter of Mark Tewksbury, Local 1298
Jordan Brittingham, son of Tiffany Gladden, Local 2108
Erika Icabalzeta, daughter of William Castro, Local 3102
Darius Carraway, son of Dennis Carraway, Local 3603
Aidyn Yaeger, daughter of Michael Yaeger, Local 4008
Richard Wynn, grandson of Brian Douglass, Local 4773
Deven Bruner, son of Dayna Bruner, Local 6016
Miranda Smith, daughter of Adam Smith, Local 6137
Josue Herrada, son of Josue Herrada, Local 7777
Shane Louriano, grandson of Shirley Hope, Local 9400
Kyra Payton, daughter of Donna Payton, Local 9509
Rhiannon Hoffman, daughter of Kent Hoffman, Local 30213


Devin Malbreaux, son of Catherine Stevenson, Local 1105
Ashley Cook, daughter of Caprecia Jackson-Cook, Local 1038
Abigail Rodriguez, member of Local 1045
Stephanie Shamah, daughter of Billy Shamah, Local 1104
William Idzinski, son of Kim Idzinski, Local 81408
Madison Metague, daughter of David Metague, Local 13000
Keshaun Baxter, son of Cira Baxter, Local 3641
Amber Betz, daughter of David Betz, Local 3905
Marcus Jenkins, son of Lisa O’Neal-Jenkins, Local 4009
Cameron Camp, daughter of Vanessa Ogletree, Local 54043
Shannon Lund, son of Cecelia Lund, Local 6222
Elena YellowBird, grand-daughter of Fenella Bergeson, Local 7500
Hailee Schalwig, daughter of Shari Wojtowicz, Local 7250
Farrah Ghazi Moradi, daughter of Ryan Castro, Local 9416
Annika Carroll, daughter of Joanne Schnurr, Local 30205
Jenifer Norwell, member of Local 30213


Samuel Melcher, Son of Elin Melcher-Wilder, Local 1180
Justin Gozalez, Son of Richard Gozalez, Local 1101
Emily Antonacci, Grand-daughter of Peter Cirillo, Local 1104
Joseph Chiusano, Son of Joseph Chiusano , Local 1039
Xavier Ashlock, Son of Charles Ashlock, Local 13000
Ryan Bayonne, Son of Jeff Bayonne, Local 3263
Charles Farrar, Son of Charles Farrar, Local 3603
Phillip Hawkins, Son of Brenda Hawkins, Local 24008
Sandra Debnar, Daughter of Sandra Debnar, Local 14503
Nicole Huette, Daughter of Kim Huette, Local 6001
Daniel Johnson, Son of Doug Johnson, Local 6215
Steven Harmon, Son of Seven Harmon, Local 7777
Jorge Rico, Son of Jorge Rico, Local 9575
Nicholas Jenkins, Son of Todd Jenkins, Local 9588
Grace MacLeod, Daughter of Elizabeth Payne, Local 30205
Alexa Carroll, Daughter of Joanne Schnurr, Local 30205


Gaetan Dupont, son of Kevin Dupont, Local 31245
Jordain Williams, daughter of Garth Williams, Local 1109
Emma Passy, daughter of Charles Passy, Local 1096
Kristine Santoro, daughter of Jaime Buonocore, Local 1105
Robert Michalofsky, son of Jeffrey Michalofsky, Local 13345
Rebekah Messamore, daughter of Shelia Messamore, Local 3204
Shalisa Whitely, daughter of Katrina Whitely, Local 3902
Chase Cunningham, son of Eric Cunningham, Local 4502
William Valentine, son of William Valentine, Local 4004
Gabriella Garza, daughter of Joe Garza, Local 6171
Brittany Hernandez, daughter of Tiffany Page, Local 6016
Nicole Newman, daughter of Denise Newman, Local 7200
Cecilia V. Areta, member, Local 9509
Makaiya Marshall, daughter of Marcus Marshall, Local 9423
Daniel Mills, son of Elaine Della-Mattia Mills, Local 30746


Michael Doxy, son of John Doxy, Local 1108
Gregory Clancy, son of Mathew Clancy, Local 1101
Tamiko Prescod, member, Local 81381
Jadah Clarke, daughter of April Clark, Local 2222
Keely Durkin, daughter of William Durkin, Local 13500
Dillon Waters, son of Gary Waters, Local 2107
Romayne Dantzler, member, Local 3104
Sara San Anotonio, daughter of Gary Schulthesis, Local 3401
Morgan Sahr, daughter of Mark Sahr, Local 4034
Tamaira Robinson, daughter of Keith Robinson, Local 6300
Emilio Valdez, son of Maria Valdez, Local 7026
Samatha Lakhan, spouse of Alvin Lakhan, Local 9400
Malone Mullin, member, CWA-SCA Canada


Nekayle Whitaker, son of Laurelle Whitaker, Local 1000
Maria Vitoria Aragao-Famularo, daughter of Paul Famularo, Local 1105
Brady Collea, son of David Collea, Local 1126
Candace Johnson, daughter of Coleen Marshall, Local 1180
Gabrielle Dobson, daughter of Melesia Dobson, Local 2204
Paul Keppel, son of Paul Keppel, Sr., Local 13000
Francis Zamora, son of Francis Zamora, Local 3121
Nina Johnson, daughter of Timothy Johnson, Local 3250
Nikolas Hill, son of Michele Hill, Local 4008
Elizabeth Donaway, daughter of Danny Donaway, Local 4703
Anthony Bottomley, son of Randy Bottomley, Local 6171
Marlon Adams, grandson of Joan Watson (Retired), Local 6222
Kristina DeMaio, daughter of John DeMaio, Local 7200
Jaquleyn Medina, daughter of Ruben Medina, Local 9410
Ryan Cortez, son of Elizabeth Zendejas, Local 9505


Evan Penney, son of Brian Penney, Local 1190
Joseph Fattorusso, son of Joseph Fattorusso, Local 1109
Justina Almodovar, daughter of Robert Benamou, Local 1101
Keolani Williams, daughter of Anita Williams, Local 1180
Dorien Russell, son of Thaonne Malone, Local 2108
Joshua James, son of John James, Local 13301
Harmony Owens, granddaughter of James Owens, Local 3716
Amanda Stettner, daughter of Eric Stettner, Local 3104
Jena Rogers, daughter of William Rogers, Local 4773
Cristian Galvan, son of Michael Galvan, Local 4900
Andrea Gallegos, daughter of Joel Gallegos, Local 6171
Caitlyn Ramsey, daughter of Laura Ramsey, Local 6401
Juan Alvarez, son of Adolfredo Alvarez, Local 7777
Raquel Aguilar, daughter of Dionicia Aguilar, Local 9575
Linsey Nunez, daughter of Oscar Nunez, Local 9509


Taina Quinones, daughter of David Quinones, 1101
Nick Miczan, son of Jeff Miczan, 1123
Michelle Feasel, daughter of Roxanne Feasel, 1036
Myles Patrick LaFrance, son of Edward Keough, 1171
Feven Laine, daughter of Hadgu Laine, 3204
Sheresa Alise Rankin, daughter of Heidi Rankin, 3641
Madelaine Hill, granddaughter of David Hluch (Retired), 4340
Patrick G. Anderson, son of Gerald Anderson, 2107
DeVante Parker, grandson of Vera Berry (Retired), 13000
Giovanni Meza, son of Vanessa Meza, 9509
Sarah Elizabeth Schutte, daughter of Mark Schutte, 4009
Thomas Mitchell Gatlin, son of William Gatlin, 6171
Christian Velasquez, son of Jesse Velasquez, Jr., 6215
Naomi Lam, daughter of Karen Lam, 9415
Tearney Lopez, granddaughter of Cheryl Elfering, 7601


Kelli Williams, daughter of Claudia Williams, 1084
Darius Gonzalez, son of Emilio Gonzalez, 1107
Elizabeth Palena, daughter of Ilene Palena, 1039
May Chang, daughter of Helen Nan, 1032
Anna Fazzini, daughter of Lisa Fazzini, 13000
John Hughes, son of John Hughes, 2336
Chelsey Robinson, daughter of Becky Robinson, 3310
Nicholas Bernier, son of Raymond Bernier, 3250
Dylan Moore, son of Jerald Moore, 4671
Parker Van Riper, daughter of DeAnne Van Riper, 24008
Ethan Pollock, son of Earl Pollock, 6016
Michelle Garcia, daughter of Norma Garcia, 6143
Kayla Ellis, daughter of Lori Ellis, 7901
Angela Brouqua, son of Richard Brouqua, 9421
Charles Grigsby, grandson of Lynn Ludlow, 39521,


Kevin Poretti, son of Victor Poretti, 1036
Alisha Harron, daughter of William Harron, 1031
Patricia Apple, daughter of Dwayne Apple, 1170
Keith Dolan, son of George Dolan, 1120
Christopher Lightly, Jr, son of Tiffany Gladden, 2100
Javier Jesus Castro, son of Roberto Castro, 3121
Tegan George, son of Nicholas George, 3611
Leah Espinoza, daughter of Michelle Espinoza, 4108
Brendan O'Malley, son of Michael O'Malley, 34001
Heather Karlin, daughter of Gary Karlin, 6407
Colleen Bonner,  , 6186
Travis Beck, son of Randy Beck, 87140
Monica Alvarado, daughter of Jose Alvarado, 9509
Isabella Ross, daughter of Andrew Ross, 39521
Jessica James, daughter of John James, 13301


Joanna Valera, daughter of Ricardo Valera, 1037
Brendan Toussaint, son of Darryl Follins, 1101
Nicole Smith, daughter of Robert Smith, 1106
Bryan Kroetsch, son of Michele Kroetsch, 1168
Kelly Clary, granddaughter of Kathleen Mulvey Brennan, 32035
Sheryl Fresk, member, 3179
Mason Runyon, son of Charles Runyon, 3317
Brandon Pieniozek, son of Cindy Pieniozek, 4108
Kara Thomas, daughter of Kim Hurn, 4309
Matthew Saul, son of Katherine Goodrich, 6201
Kayla Green, daughter of Shelley Green, 6215
Katherine Hassan, daughter of Ray Hassan, 7200
Neil Buac, son of Nereo Buac, 9404
Kathleen Sweeney, spouse of Mark Gomez, 39521
Shayna Maleski, daughter of Cindy Neumeyer, 13500


Caroline Burlingame, daughter of Michael Burlingame, 1034
Allen Vickers, son of Michele Long-Vickers, 1040
Elizabeth Mosher, daughter of Daniel Mosher, 1118
Monica Kusmierski, member, 1168
Brian Gray, son of Donald Gray, 2222
Sara Rivera, daughter of Cynthia Rivera, 3104
Christopher Lewis II, son of Christopher Lewis, 3802
Pamela Singleton, daughter of Patricia Singleton, 4050
Brooke Diller, daughter of Lisa Diller, 4502
Justin Kinman, son of Kelly Kinman, 6016
Richard Flores, son of Hector Flores, 6143
Donald Wolfe, son of Ranee Wolfe, 7777
Marisela Chavez, daughter of Susan Chavez, 9119
Kenny Ludlow, son of Margo Freistadt, 39521
Melissa Harrison, daughter of William Harrison, 13000


Joshua Thorpe, son of Annette Thorpe, 1031
Tegan Gahan, son of Kerri Long, 1033
Daniel Bergamini, son of Peter Bergamini, 1103
Roberto Elizondo, son of Roberto Elizondo, 1124
Chelsea Amrhein, daughter of Frederick Amrhein, 1170
Andrew Murphy, son of Scott Murphy, 81201
Derek Lewis, son of Albert Lewis, 2007
Sarah Barrie, daughter of William Barrie, 2252
Shaina Penn, daughter of Sandra Penn, 3204
Matthew Thompson, son of Terry Thompson, 3371
Jacqueline Wooten, daughter of Teresa Wooten, 3603
Morgan Clark, daughter of Thomas Clark, 3808
Victoria Verberg, spouse of Robert Verberg, 4034
Queen Tiye-Jai, member, 4050
Joshua Eassa, son of Cindy Eassa, 4202
Angelique Smith, member, 4309
Kaylee Clark, daughter of Mark Clark, 6007
Caleb Smith, son of Jeffrey Smith, 6139
Najeem Salami, member, 6222
Michael Lowther, son of Rodney Lowther, 6316
Rachael Tvrdy, daughter of Mary Tvrdy, 7470
Kirk Rea, son of Michael Rea, 7601
Coree Nangle, daughter of Larry Nangle, 7621
Michael Santana, son of Ulda Santana, 9509
Amy Roudybush, daughter of Linda Roudybush, 9510
Kristin Wertin, daughter of Richard Storaasli, 29014
Christopher Wilson, son of Kevin Wilson, 59051
Aryanna Engleman, daughter of Donald Engleman, 13000


Nancy Ridge, member, 1058
Daphne Ball, member, 1086
Elizabeth Mariampillai, daughter to Rootter Mariampillai, 1104
Marisa Nami, daughter of Stephen Nami, 1123
Michael Duffy, member, 1298
Daniel Lizik, son of Ronald Lizik, 31222
Nikeeya Alexander, daughter of Vernon Alexander, 51016
Adam Strylowski, son of Joseph Strylowski, 2100
Travis Hudson, son of Phyllis Hudson, 2106
Alison McCrary, daughter of Thomas Alan McCrary, 3205
Phillip Sangster, son of Leslie Sangster, 3250
Opal Bayonne, spouse of Jeff Bayonne, 3263
Shannon Hudson, daughter of Jeff Hudson, 3516
Lisa-Marie Chin, daughter of Beauty Lyn Chin, 4100
Matt Wulff, son of Bruce Wulff, 4252
Charles Harmon, member, 4400
Jocelyn Jackett, daughter of Scott Jackett, 84800
Robert Valdez, son of Arthur Valdez, 6186
Earnest Thomas, son of Georgia Thomas, 6201
Tonia Tarter, daughter of Ronald Tarter, 6350
Michael Forsyth, son of Mike Forsyth, 6360
Mary Wilson, daughter of Annette Wilson, 7175
Anthony Behl, son of Michele Behl, 7250
Anita Padilla, member, 7777
Trevor Brown, son of Dawn Parks, 9400
Tani Wong, daughter of Robert Wong, 9430
Ashley Alonzo, daughter of Arthur Alonzo, 9503
Thomas Fletcher, son of Ronald Fletcher, 9588
Devon Geyer, member, 13000


Matthew Hansen, son of Kathleen Hansen, 1023
Caroline Shu, daughter of Shi-Chuan Shu, 1032
Timothy Popp, son of Maureen Popp, 1033
Jamel White, son of William White, 1103
Chad Richardson, son of Glendene Goodluck, 1105
Cheryl Wyatt, member, 1180
Heather Snow, daughter of Colleen Cunningham, 1302
Vincent Cheeks, son of Vanessa Washington, 2009
Amanda Turner, daughter of Edward Turner, 2203
Allison Zinn, daughter of Mark Zinn, 3104
Dustin Mozley, son of Russell Mozley, 3218
Peter Rigby, member, 3519
Anne Kindt, member, 3865
Yuxing Zheng, daughter of Cao Youming, 4319
Kelli Williamson, daughter of Harry Williamson, 4370
Ashley Wilfer, daughter of Paul Wilfer, 4621
Brittany Ballinger, daughter of Diane Ballinger, 4621
Brittany Smith, daughter of Debra Smith, 6016
Adrianna Higle, daughter of Patricia Higle, 6143
Hannah Barton, member, 6200
Michael Siebel, son of Scott Siebel, 6310
Rachael Beck, daughter of Romie Beck, 7019
Nicholas Zvelebil, son of Robin Gould, 7076
Kelly Sprong, daughter of Maureen Sprong, 27009
Sinan Dunlap, son of Eugen Dunlap, 9119
Ernest Kirschner, member, 9416
Diane Oates, member, 9421
Kyle Higashidani, son of John Higashidani, 29011
Laura Petrini, daughter of John Petrini, 13500


Mark Scorsolini, member, 1034
Rachel Pong, daughter of John Pong, 1037
Zachary Mayer, son of Thomas Mayer, 1101
Maura Schiller, daughter of Gary Schiller, 1123
Michelle Mouzon, member, 1180
Kelly Woll, daughter of Keith Woll, 1298
Caitlin McIntyre, daughter of Richard McIntyre, 31245
Laura Vaccaro, daughter of William Vaccaro, 51011
Edward J. Reid, son of Edward Jr. Reid, Sr., 2201
Paulette Young, member, 2336
Marcia Senna, retired CWA member, 3104
Lindsay Hall, daughter of Lindsay Hall, 3371
Ashley Norman, daughter of Carolyn Norman, 3406
Lyndsey Henderson, daughter of James B. Henderson, 3805
Robert McCartha, son of Sharon Pannell, 4009
Natasha Mabry, member, 4202
Bridget Morgan, daughter of Terry Morgan, 4340
Jennifer Jones, member, 4603
Emily Equigua, daughter of Brenda Equigua, 6016
LaShauntee Campbell, daughter of Althea Green, 6128
Brandon Bushong, son of Linde Bushong, 6320
Brynten Rayford, daughter of Kim Graves, 6503
Kelly Sundin, daughter of Julie Sundin, 7214
Deidra Girtz, daughter of Carol Girtz, 7201
Rebecca Boudreaux, daughter of Barbara Boudreaux, 7777
Jill Santos, daughter of Juanita Santos, 9410
Daniel Traverso, son of Erica Traverso, 9414
Ernie Duque, son of Ernesto Duque, 9423
Michael Stevens, member, 9510
Kenneth Busler, son of Robert Busler, 13000


David Stucy, son of Donna Stucy, 1034
Allison Delso, daughter of Gregory Delso, 1040
Brad Balog, son of Denise Quinter, 1082
Xiaolei Chen, member, 1104
Brittany Solomon, daughter of Donna Solomon, 1180
Kenneth Forbes, Jr., son of Kenneth Forbes, Sr., 1290
Lauryn Slomkowki, daughter of David LaDucer, 1298
Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki, son of David Tirrell-Wysocki, 31222
Sara Wallett, daughter of Leo Wallett, 2100
Emily Swinson, daughter of Gail Swinson, 2252
Lauren Sarnoff, daughter of Stephen Sarnoff, 3179
Tamilia Seivwright, daughter of Donna Attride, 3250
Sharon Landry, retired CWA member, 3406
Joshua Adam Floyd, son of James A. Floyd, Jr., 3908
Kaylene Whitaker, daughter of Kenneth Whitaker, 4035
Noah Bourassa, son of Robert Bourassa, 4109
William Murray, son of Diane Hodo, 4310
Cameron Weinreich, daughter of David Weinreich, 4818
Antoinette Miller, member, 6186
Jeremy Sherman, son of Mary Sherman, 6301
Scott Moulder, son of Joseph Moulder, 6314
Monique Rice, daughter of Carl Davis, 6450
Russell Beck, son of Romie Beck, 7019
Melissa Greene, daughter of Sherry Greene, 7172
Kimberly Evans, spouse of Neil Evans, 7777
Maili Barber, daughter of Ramon Barber, 9509
Sarah Ramirez, daughter of Ruth Ramirez, 9588
Erwin Sanders, member, 29578
Brianne Langlas, daughter of Jean Ann Langlas, 29579
Daniel Oliver II, son of Daniel Oliver, 13000


Steven Richman, son of Barbara Richman, 1033
Robert Woodward, son of Lauri Woodward, 1039
Jeffrey Hollman, son of Myron Hollman, 1104
Elizabeth Ingianni, daughter of Martin Ingianni, 1106
Joy LeBlanc, daughter of Julien LeBlanc, 1109
James Lindsay, son of Sylvia Pellegrini, 1302
Erica Leifels, daughter of Michael Leifels, 1701
Elizabeth Dushane, daughter of Deborah Dushane, 81206
Krystle Bounds, daughter of Barbara Bounds, 2106
Meagan D’Annibale, daughter of Thomas D’Annibale, 52031
Gabriel Mahdi, son of Viola Evana Elwin, 3204
Erica Hughes, daughter of Sandra Hughes, 3315
Charles Negendank, member, 3865
Kevin McGuire, son of Jerry McGuire, 3607
Gregory Suchyta, Jr., son of Gregory Suchyta, Sr., 4009
Stacia Taves, daughter of William Taves, 4640
Kristin Larson, daughter of Kathryn Larson, 84717
Vincent Peyko, Jr., son of Vincent Peyko, Sr., 84717
Casey Greaves, daughter of Terie Greaves, 6016
Shelbi Dicke, daughter of Louise Dicke, 6143
Joanna Clark, daughter of Jeanene Clark, 6215
Sarah Fletcher, daughter of Brian Fletcher, 6320
Keegan Hasselmann, daughter of David Hasselmann, 7200
Ross Nelson, son of David Nelson, 7200
Steve Lucero, son of Albert Lucero, 7601
Alicia Prater, daughter of Cynthia Prater, 9400
Joseph Valdez, son of Heliodoro Valdez, 9400
Aaron Wong, son of Robert Wong, 9430
Beth McManis, daughter of Samuel McManis, 39521
Katherine Fox, daughter of Christine Fox, 13302