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Volume 76, Issue #4 | Winter 2016

Winter 2016

What Do Working Families Want? A Fair Shake

Corporations are putting the squeeze on working families.

We won’t let everything we’ve worked for be taken away.

See how CEO pay in the U.S. compares with 35 OECD countries.

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What Working Families Want

What Do Working Families Want?

Letter from CWA President Chris Shelton: This issue focuses on what working families want today: Good jobs in our communities, health care, safe workplaces, retirement security and the right to join together in a union. 

UC Letters

Tech Workers Challenge University of California Offshoring

IT employees at UCSF confronted the Board of Regents over a plan to offshore their jobs to India. This is the beginning of an offshoring scheme in a university system that receives taxpayer funding.

CWA Members Take on Wall Street

CWA Members Take on Wall Street

Our national campaign to fight back against Wall Street greed is heating up. Goals include: End Too-Big-To-Fail (break up the big banks); End Tax Exemptions for Huge CEO Bonuses; End Predatory Lending.

Bargaining Report Winter 2016

Bargaining Report

Bargaining reports for AT&T West, AT&T Internet, AT&T Mobility, DIRECTV, Catholic Health, Piedmont, Envoy, and Frontier.

TPP Trade Deal Defeated

TPP Trade Deal Defeated

After five years of grassroots activism,  CWA activists and our broad coalition defeated the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Assaulting Airline Employees Must Have Serious Consequences

Assaulting Airline Employees Must Have Serious Consequences

Airline Passenger Service Agents are continuing to fight for protections against assault by passengers.