Resolutions Approved by the 2019 CWA Convention

CWA delegates approved the following resolutions at the 2019 CWA Convention:

Resolution #77A-19-7 - Censuring President Trump for Racist Attacks on Congresswomen of Color - CWA delegates voted to condemn the divisive, racist "send them back, love it or leave it" rhetoric of the President of the United States and to call on other unions, community organizations, legislative bodies, and individuals to issue similar calls for the President to end this rhetoric, on his own part and among his supporters, especially the President's Republican colleagues.

Resolution #77A-19-1 - Funding our Fight for the Future - CWA delegates voted to rebalance income allocations to effectively build our union.

Resolution # 77A-19-2 - CWA STRONG - CWA leaders and members resolved to renew our commitment and rededicate ourselves to building our union ever stronger by working to make continued progress on all CWA STRONG goals. 

Resolution #77A-19-3 - Strengthening CWA with a Stewards Strong Campaign - CWA delegates voted for a resolution to launch the CWA Stewards Strong campaign, which will redefine the role of the steward with a focus on building worker power and generating pressure on employers to address the workplace needs of our members. CWA will also help locals expand and strengthen their steward structures.  

Resolution #77A-19-4 - Tax Reform to Promote Fairness, Good Jobs, and Public Service - CWA delegates voted to support tax policies that require corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share in order to provide adequate revenue to support public programs that benefit the working class, provide vital government services that serve our communities, and support good jobs for public employees. Delegates called on Congress to reverse offshoring incentives included in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, to tax Wall Street speculation, and to investigate the promises of job creation made by AT&T and other companies to get the tax bill passed.

Resolution #77A-19-5 - Workers' Rights and Labor Law Reform - CWA delegates voted to hold elected officials accountable to working people by mobilizing to elect federal, state, and local candidates in the 2020 elections and beyond who are committed to the fight for organizing and collective bargaining rights. They also resolved to continue to push for real labor law reform, one that guarantees collective bargaining for everyone.

Resolution #77A-19-6 - International Worker Solidarity - CWA delegates voted to repudiate efforts to demonize and scapegoat workers outside the United States who are not our enemy and who are being exploited by the same employers. CWA understands we are stronger when we have allies around the globe who are ready to fight alongside us in our moments of need, to expose injustice, protect jobs, and shore up hard-won contractual rights. They resolved to support global organizing efforts.

Delegates also approved changes to the CWA Constitution to consolidate the Printing, Publishing, and Media Workers Sector into the CWA Districts' administrative structures and shorten the time-frame for appeal of a local charter revocation.