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Resolution: CWA STRONG

Resolution # 77A-19-02


At the CWA Convention in 2017, CWA delegates adopted a program designed to build our union CWA STRONG in every way – determined that all staff, local officers, stewards, and organizers make growing our union membership a high priority. Over 300 CWA locals signed pledges committing to:

  • An internal organizing plan. If the local is below 80% organized, the Local will design a systematic plan to increase membership by 10 percentage points. 
  • Strengthening our stewards structure by increasing the number of trained stewards by at least 10% in the first year. 
  • Workplace mobilization structures that allow the local to contact every member with important information and move them to action in support of bargaining and other issues. 
  • An active Legislative-Political Committee to send activists to boot camp trainings, thereby expanding the number of members fighting for pro-worker candidates and legislation. 
  • An active Human Rights Committee (CRE and Women’s Committees). 
  • Communications. Ask every member for their email address and cell phone number so that the Local can regularly update them and move them to action.

Strategic Industry Fund (SIF) and Growth Fund resources have assisted Locals in carrying out the CWA Strong Program. This includes conducting organizing trainings, leading membership blitzes, providing assistance in building organizing committees to conduct deep systematic work, and ensuring that all CWA-represented workers are asked to join CWA. CWA Staff Representatives have also bargained for improved language on workplace access, information about the unit, and New Hire Orientations. 

Strong concrete growth began with the locals that jumped into this effort early, and that growth has motivated hundreds more locals to participate in CWA STRONG.

Our determination and energy has resulted in increased member involvement in every aspect of the union. Nationally, we have grown in membership density by six percent and many locals have surpassed the 10 percent goal. We have cut the number of non-members in half.

There are still thousands of potential CWA members in our workplaces, many of whom have not yet been asked to join.

Resolved: CWA leaders and members renew our commitment and rededicate ourselves to building our union ever stronger by working to make continued progress on all CWA STRONG goals.