PRO Act Workers' Rights Bill Picks Up Bipartisan Support

Corporate lobbyists have spent decades weakening our laws to keep the balance of power tilted in favor of CEOs and the super-rich. Without worker power, the 1% gets richer while our wages stay stagnant, our working conditions get worse, and our economy stays rigged in favor of the wealthy.

The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, H.R. 2474, would give CWA members more power to win the wages, benefits, and working conditions we deserve. It would protect strikers, make it easier for workers to join unions, prevent the misclassification of workers as independent contractors, deal a blow to "right-to-work" laws, and a lot more.

Last week, CWAers across the country participated in a National Day of Action by making calls to Congress urging them to side with working people over corporations and pass the PRO Act. The pressure is working! This week, the bill picked up bipartisan support, with Republican Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania and Chris Smith of New Jersey joining 214 House Democrats in cosponsoring the bill.

Ask your Member of Congress to support the PRO Act now.