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Jul 15, 2021 - Federal court sides with CWA members over changes to contract, and other news

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Make a Plan to Join a Rally for the PRO Act

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The AFL-CIO’s nationwide PRO Act week of action starts this Saturday, July 17. Union members and our allies are planning to hold in-person rallies at or near the state offices of all 100 U.S. Senators.

Visit to find an event near you. Events are still being confirmed, so if you don’t see an event in your state check back later.

Don’t forget to wear your CWA Red!

Save Janesville Jobs

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IUE-CWA Local 84811 members in Janesville, Wis., who work at Hufcor have launched a series of videos as part of their fight to save their jobs after the company announced its plan to move production from Wisconsin to Mexico.

The workers and their allies also placed an ad in the L.A. Times last week directed at Andrew Nikou, the CEO of private equity firm OpenGate Capital which owns Hufcor. OpenGate is notorious for acquiring and then gutting companies across the country. The ad was signed by supporters including Wisconsin elected officials Senator Tammy Baldwin, Representative Mark Pocan, and Governor Tony Evers.

Watch the videos and sign the petition to tell OpenGate and Hufcor to keep jobs in Janesville at

Bargaining Update

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Nexstar Broadcasting

On Monday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit found that the management of Nexstar Broadcasting committed unfair labor practices when it made unilateral changes to terms and conditions of an expired NABET-CWA collective bargaining agreement at Portland-based television station KOIN. Nexstar is the nation’s largest television station operator.

After the contract expired in September 2017, management’s changes included requiring workers to undergo annual driving history background checks and posting work schedules two weeks in advance even though past practice had been to post schedules four months in advance.

This decision, which upheld an earlier ruling by the National Labor Relations Board, is not just a win for members of NABET-CWA Local 51, but for all union members in negotiations with recalcitrant employers who deploy delaying tactics at the bargaining table.

“The company thought they could wear us down and that we wouldn’t fight back,” said NABET-CWA Local 51 President Carrie Biggs-Adams. “But they’ve underestimated our union at every turn, and the courts have sided with us yet again.”

CWA Members Join Hometown Heroes Parade

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Last week, CWA members joined New York City’s Hometown Heroes ticker tape parade, which honored front line workers. Telecom workers from CWA Locals 1101, 1106, and 1109; nurses from Local 1104; city workers from Local 1180; NYPD traffic enforcement from Locals 1181 and 1182; and Board of Election workers from Local 1183 marched alongside hundreds of other essential workers who helped keep New York City going during the pandemic. Check out more photos at

CWA Member Running to Bring "Working Class Perspective" to Tucson City Council

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Miranda Schubert, a steering committee member of CWA Local 7065-United Campus Workers of Arizona, is running for Tucson City Council to bring a voice for working class people to the table. Schubert says being a member of the union was one of the “galvanizing experiences” that inspired her to run.

As major national conversations around equity, justice, and democracy grew during the pandemic, Schubert started paying attention to local politics more. “I want to bring a working class perspective to Council, bring more of our people to the table. It’s about improving material conditions for working people in this city. We need jobs that help support people raising their families,” she said.

Schubert is endorsed by CWA local 7000, Tucson’s city workers, as well as the CWA Arizona State Council, and Working Families Party. The city’s Democratic primary election is on August 3.

You can learn more about Miranda’s campaign at her website.

Organizing‌ ‌Update‌ ‌

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National Audubon Society

Members of the Audubon For All Union-CWA officially filed for a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) election on July 1. Since the workers announced they were organizing their union in March, management of the National Audubon Society has hired a union-busting law firm, denied workers’ request for a rapid election, and refused to agree to neutrality. The majority of Audubon employees have signed cards in support of the union.

In announcing the filing for an NLRB election, Audubon finance associate Shyamlee Patel said, “Delaying an election and slowing down our organizing process will not keep us from winning a union. Refusing an expedited election only serves to perpetuate Audubon’s toxic culture where upper management ignores workers’ voices. It’s the exact reason we are organizing.” Safiya Cathey of the grant accounting department added, “In order to fight for the birds, we need to fight for ourselves, which is why a union is so important.”

Members of Audubon for All-CWA filed for an NLRB election on July 1.