IUE-CWA Members Stand Up For Good Jobs in Wisconsin

On June 4, members of IUE-CWA Local 84811 and allies rallied in Janesville, Wisc., to demand that local manufacturer Hufcor halt its plan to offshore 200 manufacturing jobs to Mexico. Hufcor is owned by OpenGate Capital, a private equity firm notorious for acquiring and then gutting companies across the country.

IUE-CWA members called out the company's race-to-the-bottom tactics, noting the devastating impact the closure would have on the Janesville community. Jesse Arndt, one of the workers whose job is on the line, is a father of four. "If they send our jobs to Mexico, OpenGate is impacting whole families, not just their employees," he said. "All to save a few bucks."

Local 84811 President Tom Casey called OpenGate's move a "heartless strategy" that puts profits above people. "We will do everything in our power to fight for these jobs. The closing of the Hufcor Janesville plant not only affects these employees, but also affects our local suppliers and businesses in the surrounding community."

Sign the petition calling on OpenGate Capital to keep good jobs in Wisconsin.

IUE-CWA members and allies rally to save jobs at Hufcor in Janesville, Wisc.