CWA Veterans are Making Change in This Election!

A new piece in Labor Notes highlights CWA's joint initiative with Common Defense called Veterans for Social Change, a program to develop and organize a broad base of CWA activists who are veterans and/or currently serving in the military:

As the union notes, veterans, active-duty service members, and military families "are constantly exploited by politicians and others who seek to loot our economy, attack our communities, and divide our nation with racism and bigotry so they can consolidate more power amongst themselves." CWA seeks to counter these Trump-era threats by encouraging veterans in its own ranks to engage in grassroots campaigns with community allies and increase awareness of veterans’ issues within CWA, like the need for a strong fully funded veterans' health care system.

These activists are working hard to make sure pro-worker and pro-veteran candidates like Joe Biden get elected.

Check out this video of U.S. Army veteran and CWA Local 3680 member LaFarrah Hines speaking at the Essential Workers March in Fayetteville, N.C., on Saturday to urge people to get out the vote!