CWA Secures Agreement with Facebook on Sweeping Reforms to Curb Discrimination

CWA, along with the ACLU and Outten & Golden LLP, has reached a historic civil rights settlement with Facebook. Under the agreement, the tech giant will make sweeping changes to its paid advertising platform to prevent discrimination in employment, housing, and credit advertising.
CWA joined with three workers to challenge Facebook's paid ad platform for enabling advertisers to exclude older Facebook users from receiving job ads, in violation of federal and state civil rights laws. Additional lawsuits and complaints filed by other organizations alleged that Facebook's paid ad platform enabled discrimination based on race, sex, and other protected classes.
"Our campaign seeks justice for workers who have been unfairly locked out of opportunities by employers who deny their ads to older workers or women," said CWA Secretary-Treasurer Sara Steffens. "All workers deserve a fair chance to get a good job."  
More details on the settlement can be found here.