CWA and Dominican Union FEDOTRAZONAS Announce Solidarity Agreement to Build Worker Power

Demonstrating a shared commitment to building worker power in the call center industry, CWA and FEDOTRAZONAS, a leading union in the Dominican Republic, last week announced a new Solidarity Alliance Agreement. The two unions represent call center workers who are employed at many of the same companies or who work at vendors that handle customer service work for those companies.

"Working together, we will reject multinational corporations' efforts to pit call center workers on both sides of the offshoring equation against each other and end the global race to the bottom that drives down wages and undermines working conditions in both countries," said CWA President Chris Shelton.

In the agreement, CWA and FEDOTRAZONAS commit to holding a joint annual leadership meeting and developing an exchange program to enable members of both unions to discuss their mutual struggles and engage in education programs. The unions also pledge to support each others' contractual and collective bargaining struggles and assist each other with efforts to help more workers have a voice at work by joining unions.

Read through the full Solidarity Alliance Agreement between CWA and FEDOTRAZONAS here.

CWA President Chris Shelton signed an agreement to build worker power in the call center industry with FEDOTRAZONAS, a leading union in the Dominican Republic.