Bargaining Update


CWA’s Telecommunications and Technologies Bargaining Committee has reached a four-year tentative agreement with OFS covering about 300 workers in Sturbridge, Mass., and Norcross, Ga. Complete details will be released to the membership for a ratification vote. The tentative agreement provides for annual general wage increases that will be retroactive to the expiration of the past contract, and maintains all levels of benefits for active and retired members.

“Members’ mobilization and support made all the difference in bargaining,” said CWA Telecommunications and Technologies Vice President Lisa Bolton.

CWA’s bargaining team celebrates tentative contract at OFS. From left: Isa Shabazz, CWA Representative and bargaining chair; Keri Evinson, Local 1400; Dan Reynolds, CWA Research Dept.; Vice President Lisa Bolton, T&T; Chris LaPierre, Local 1400, and James Brown, Local 3263.


AT&T Internet

Negotiations opened on June 27 for a new contract covering 2,000 AT&T Internet workers nationwide. At the bargaining table in Bedminster, NJ, T&T Vice President Lisa Bolton said that “CWA’s goal in these negotiations is to make sure that our members and their families are better off at the end of the contract than they were at the start. That means secure jobs, secure health care and the promise of a secure retirement.

“AT&T is a very successful company, leading the telecommunications and video industry. Our members have helped build that success. It’s our turn, and it’s time for AT&T to deliver a contract that gives workers at NIC our fair share,” Bolton said.

The National Internet Contract bargaining committee members are Mayette Arii, Vice President, Local 9413, District 9; Tim Skagg, Steward, Local 6215, District 6; and Ruth Marriott, CWA Staff Representative and Bargaining Chair.