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Support Striking Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Workers

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Strike Unity Logo with Pittsburgh Skyline

Support Striking Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Workers

The workers who are responsible for designing, printing, distributing, advertising sales, accounts receivable, and content creation for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are on strike. They have not had a pay raise in over 15 years and went on strike over the illegal, unilateral cuts to their healthcare made by the Block family -- the Toledo-based, millionaire owners of the paper.

Here's how you can support the striking workers and their families.

Donate to the Strike Fund

Donations to the Pittsburgh Striker Fund will be used exclusively to assist striking Pittsburgh Post-Gazette families with special needs who are facing very difficult financial circumstances.

Make a Donation

Subscribe to the Pittsburgh Union Progress

Pittsburgh Union Progress is the publication of the striking workers at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It covers the labor dispute and other news and serves as a voice for the people of Pittsburgh.

Subscribe for Free

Boycott the Post-Gazette

If you subscribe to the Post-Gazette, cancel your subscription.

If you read stories on the Post-Gazette website, don't visit the site until the strike is resolved.

Sign the Boycott Pledge

Send a Solidarity Message

Your support for the striking workers and helps keep the strike strong, and it shows the Block family that we are not alone.

Send a Personal Message to the Strikers

Support a Picket Line

Location: Post-Gazette Production and Distribution Center, 2201 Sweeney Dr., Clinton, PA 15026

Location: Post-Gazette Headquarters, 358 North Shore Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Strike Unity Logo

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Strike Unity Logo

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Strike Unity Logo