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Support Striking Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Workers


Pittsburgh Post Gazette Strike Unity Logo with Pittsburgh Skyline

Support Striking Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Workers

The workers who are responsible for designing, printing, distributing, advertising sales, accounts receivable, and content creation for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are on strike. They have not had a pay raise in over 15 years and went on strike over the illegal, unilateral cuts to their healthcare made by the Block family -- the Toledo-based, millionaire owners of the paper.

Here's how you can support the striking workers and their families.

Boycott the Post-Gazette

If you subscribe to the Post-Gazette, cancel your subscription.

If you read stories on the Post-Gazette website, don't visit the site until the strike is resolved.

Sign the Boycott Pledge

Send a Solidarity Message

Your support for the striking workers and helps keep the strike strong, and it shows the Block family that we are not alone.

Send a Personal Message to the Strikers

Donate to the Strike Fund

Donations to the Pittsburgh Striker Fund will be used exclusively to assist striking Pittsburgh Post-Gazette families with special needs who are facing very difficult financial circumstances.

Make a Donation

Join a Picket Line

Location: Post-Gazette Production and Distribution Center, 2201 Sweeney Dr., Clinton, PA 15026
Times: 24 hours, every day

Location: Post-Gazette Headquarters, 358 North Shore Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Times: 9am-5pm, M-F

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Strike Unity Logo

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Strike Unity Logo

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Strike Unity Logo