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The National Committee will:

  • Provide guidance and information to the districts and locals on the CWA Civil Rights and Equity program.
  • Keep the national Executive Board informed about civil and human rights issues that affect our members and communities, and when necessary offer a course of action.
  • Research, report and make recommendations to give direction to the convention delegates on current civil and human right issues.
  • Work along all sides of the CWA Triangle.

Major Program Goals

  • Work to fully integrate civil rightsissues with core work of the union.
  • Increase grassroots activity on civil rights issues.
  • Increase community visibility of CWA Civil Rights and Equity program.
  • Improve communications between CWA Civil Rights and Equity office and locals and activist.
  • Aggressively seek CWA representation in grassroots civil rights organizations that share our common goals.

National Civil Rights and Equity Committee Members

District 1
Reginald Pierre-Louis
Local 1106 - Delegate

District 2-13
Gwen Ivy, President
CWA Local 13301

District 3
Fred Smith,* Mobility VP
CWA Local 3902

District 4
Sylvia Chapman, Pres.
CWA Local 4250

District 6
Reginald Small, Sec/Treas
CWA Local 6215

District 7
Kasie Garcia, Exec V.P.
CWA Local 7250

District 9
Pamela Bell, Exec Board
Local 9003

Law Enforcement
Ken Youngblood, NAPSO
CWA Local 9110

Christian Stephens, Comm Chair
AFA-CWA Local 21085

Penny Franklin, President
IUE-CWA Local 82160

Doug Johnson, Chief Steward
T&T-CWA Local 6215

Timotheus Fitzgerald, Sec/Treas
TNG-CWA Local 32035

Public Sector
Joaquin Chavez, Vice President
CWA Local 9119

Melissa Matos, Director
HR, EDU, and H&S Departments

* Chair, Civil Rights & Equity Committee

Civil Rights and Equity District Coordinators

District 1
Tonya Moore

District 2-13
Elaine Harris

District 3
Angie Wells

District 4
Clinton Rodgers

District 6
Sherron Molina

District 7
Paul Castenada

District 9
Robert Longer