Resolutions Approved by the 74th CWA Convention (2013)

Members of the 74th Convention Resolutions and Rules Committee:

  • Kevin Sheil, President, CWA Local 1103, Chair
  • Kim Gallardo, Executive Vice President, CWA Local 4123
  • Judy Lugo, President, CWA Local 6186
  • David Hyde, President, CWA Local 7810
  • Penny Franklin, President, IUE-CWA Local 82160

74A-13-1 Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the CWA Minority Leadership Institute
74A-13-2 Federal Budget Priorities to Invest in Jobs and People
74A-13-3 Fully Functioning Local Unions
74A-13-4 Building a Movement for Real Democracy
74A-13-5 Protect Workers Rights, the NLRB, and Reform Senate Rules
74A-13-6 Immigration Reform: The Time is Now
74A-13-7 Equal Access to Healthcare Coverage

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