Resolution: 74A-13-7

CWA opposes all forms of discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

Transgender and gender non-conforming people have great difficulty securing affordable, comprehensive healthcare. Many transgender people are denied health insurance when they disclose their transgender status or transition-related medical history to a potential insurer.

Most health insurance policies still specifically exclude transgender-related care and services. Denial or inaccessibility of healthcare has life-long effects on people’s ability to learn, work, and care for themselves mentally and physically.

Currently many private and public sector employers and several International Unions provide transgender-inclusive healthcare coverage. CWA believes that all union members and staff should have access to affordable, comprehensive quality healthcare.

Resolved: CWA supports public and private trans-inclusive health insurance coverage.

Resolved: CWA opposes exclusions of coverage for transgender individuals.

Resolved: CWA endorses and supports efforts to remove health insurance exclusions that prevent transgender people from accessing medically necessary care and to ensure that quality healthcare coverage is available to everyone, including transgender people.