CWA Aptify Link:

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Need a Password for Aptify?

To obtain a password for Aptify, the manual or training videos, please have your Local president send an email request to:

Include the name of the person who needs the password, their email address, and position within the local.  If the request is for the Local President, you should copy the Local Secretary or Secretary-Treasurer.

Roles based security access is not yet available, but will be coming in the near future.  We will notify you when it is launched.

    Users Manual:

    The Aptify manual is designed for local users and provides a step-by-step overview of basic tasks as well as quick reference sheets, screen grabs, and a glossary of terms:

    The document is password protected, see Need a Password above if you need the password.

    The manual is posted as a searchable PDF. You can also print a hard copy – just be aware that it’s 69 pages long and will be updated periodically.

    Video Training

    For videos on Aptify basics, using reports, and bottom-up dues processing, visit this link:
    The videos are password protected, see Need a Password above if you need the password.

    Dues Specialists

    The following district and sector dues specialists/ coordinators have been trained in Aptify basics, and they are available to answer questions and provide general support. They are:

    D1 (NJ): Tamara Suttle,

    D1 (NY): Nalini Droopad,

    D2-13: Dee Tillman,

    D3: Mary Moran,

    D4: Michelle Winter,

    D6: Nicole Tupa,

    D7: Valerie Katich,

    D7: Josh Obie,

    D9: Natalie Bullo,

    IUE: Brittnie Watts,

    IUE: Stacey Reynolds,

    NABET: Jodi Fabrizio-Clontz,

    TNG: Tim Schick,

    Super Users

    The following people were trained by CWA as “super users” of the Aptify system. They are willing to help their fellow locals get going on the new system!

    CWA Local 1180: Gloria Middleton,

    CWA Local 1036: Patti Tiernan,

    CWA Local 13500: Mary Lou Schaffer,

    CWA Local 3640: Darla Meyer,

    CWA Local 4204: Amy Blaisdell,

    CWA Local 6215: Anita Learned,

    CWA Local 7019: Sue Head,

    CWA Local 7026: Cecilia Valdez,

    CWA Local 9119 (UPTE): Shanna Vela,

    CWA Local 9416: Ryan Castro,

    TNG-CWA Local 37002, Minnesota News Guild: Marilyn Clemens,

    NABET-CWA Local 51011: Elise Roth,

    NABET-CWA Local 51021: Patrick Tubiolo,

    IUE-CWA Local 81201: Nefty Alvarez,

    Emailing CWA HQ

    If you are having trouble with your log-in, email

    If you have specific dues questions, including questions about local advances or settlement, or if you need to request a local or PU transfer, email

    For issues related to Convention credentials, email

    For other questions, including inquiries about Aptify training, email


    Find details and sign up for Aptify webinars here:

    Have an Aptify question or need additional assistance?

    If you have a question or need some assistance, you may do the following: