CWA StrongCWA STRONG is a national plan to build workplace power, strengthen bargaining and resist outside efforts to destroy our union.

Our goals for CWA STRONG are to:

  • Create a shared understanding across the union of the scope of the crisis and urgency at all levels of the union to respond.
  • Keep member communication and engagement at the center of everything we do.
  • Provide the resources necessary to continue to bargain the best possible contracts.
  • Make internal organizing a priority activity for locals and staff and decrease the number of non-members.
  • Change our day-to-day priorities at all levels of the union with the objective of spending more time on CWA STRONG activities.
  • Integrate all CWA program work at all levels so our union not only survives but increases our capacity to improve and protect the living standards and working conditions of members and their families.

A Message from President Shelton

This is an all hands on deck moment with no room for bystanders.

A Plan for the Challenges Ahead

CWA’s long standing commitment to member engagement and mobilization provides a solid foundation.

What We Can Do

Together we will be CWA STRONG.

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Making District 6 CWA STRONG

May 9, 2019 — News

At the CWA District 6 conference in St. Louis this week, CWA President Chris Shelton urged members and activists to stay focused on moving our agenda for working families forward.

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Strengthening CWA Membership in Colorado

April 25, 2019 — News

Last week, Colorado CWA members participated in the first-ever Colorado AT&T Mobility CWA STRONG/Unity@Mobility blitz.

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Sharing Strategies for Building Power at AT&T Mobility

Local leaders from across the country who have successfully built power at AT&T Mobility gathered in Chicago to discuss the strategies they used to increase CWA membership and encourage activist involvement.

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New Jersey CWA Shop Stewards Hone Skills

More than 750 CWA Shop Stewards from locals across New Jersey gathered in Atlantic City at the end of March for the largest two-day state conference ever held for CWA Stewards in New Jersey.

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Building Worker Power in CWA District 3!

Across CWA District 3, CWA members are gaining valuable new skills to deploy in political and legislative fights to build worker power!