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Democracy in Our Ranks

CWA Delegates Voting at ConventionAs CWA members, we belong to a local union located where we live and work.

The work of our local unions is determined by us, CWA members. Local union programs and services are led and coordinated by our local union officers who we elect.

As CWA members, we elect local union delegates to our union’s national convention. The delegates we elect form our union’s highest governing body. The CWA convention has the final authority over our union’s budget, policies, programs, and dues structure.

Our union’s top international officers — president and secretary-treasurer — are elected by delegates who we elect to represent us. They serve on CWA’s executive board along with fifteen regional/sector officers, and four at-large members who are local officers.

Seven of those officers come from our geographical regions across the country — CWA Districts — and the other eight are officers representing CWA members from our union’s “sectors,” industry or occupational groups, including a Canadian Director.

How We Use Our Dues

Our union dues pay for union activities, including:

  • Negotiating our contracts to maintain and improve our standard of living.
  • Representing us on the job.
  • Enforcing our rights and handling our grievances.
  • Researching employers’ plans, finances, and actions.
  • Lobbying for legislation and regulations at all levels of government to help working people.
  • Programs to guarantee health and safety on the job and prevent future accidents.
  • Education programs and publications for members, stewards, and local union officers.
  • Communications efforts for members and the public on our work and priorities.
  • Organizing efforts to assist unrepresented workers join with CWA and help build our bargaining power with employers in our industries and sectors.


  • Stay informed by keeping up with CWA communications and e-mail updates. CWA provides information through our membership newspaper, the CWA News, which is mailed to every member’s home. Sign up for our weekly email newsletter.
  • Join the conversation through social media. CWA is active on many social media channels under the username CWAUnion..
  • Participate in CWA education and training programs. Take advantage of the opportunity to participate in CWA-sponsored conferences, workshops, and training. Additionally, technical training can be found at
  • Become a leader. Be a union steward or a workplace mobilizer, serve on a committee, or run for union office. CWA needs — and welcomes — new ideas and energy.
  • Vote in union elections. Take part in setting our union’s priorities and direction by voting in union elections and on contracts.