Resolution #78-21-10

National Day of Action Against AT&T's Outsourcing, Job Cuts, and Union-Busting

Whereas AT&T promised to create 7,000 new jobs when lobbying for the 2017 Trump corporate tax cuts, and

Whereas AT&T instead has CUT more than 42,000 jobs, and

Whereas among these are the over 500 unionized Retail stores that have been closed and often replaced by non-union "authorized retailers" with the same branding but with substandard wages, benefits and safety conditions, and

Whereas there are real people behind these numbers like Mali Flores, a single mom of three children, who worked at the AT&T store in West St. Paul, MN throughout the COVID pandemic. The West St. Paul store was the only fully bilingual store in the state of Minnesota that attracted Spanish-speaking clientele from across the Twin Cities metro area. Mali and her co-workers not only worked through the pandemic but also survived an armed robbery - for which they were only given one day off. A few months later the company closed the well-performing store and flipped it to a non-union "authorized retailer", and

Whereas CWA 7250 has initiated the #DefendOurJobs campaign to publicly oppose AT&T's attacks on unionized workers, including public protest actions, pressure on elected officials, and preparing for job actions next year, and 

Whereas there is a need to expand actions against AT&T across the whole country to highlight the attacks the company is carrying out and CWA's willingness to fight back, therefore,

Be it RESOLVED that CWA shall support a day of action in December 2021 against AT&T's outsourcing, job cuts, and union-busting, involving a range of different kinds of actions across the country fitting the needs and abilities of Locals in the area.