Verizon media coverage updates from August.

Big Corporation Blog   Thank a Union: 36 Ways Unions Have Improved Your Life 06/12/11  
Yahoo Finance   Verizon Communications Ups Dividend 09/02/11  
Gazette Gaithersburg, MD Economy takes toll on union membership 09/02/11  
Crain's New York Business New York, NY Verizon on the hook for $800K, critics say 08/30/11  
NY City Special Investigator New York, NY Report showing that Verizon profited from defrauding of the Dept of Education 04/28/11  
Huffington Post   Verizon Delaying Hurricane Irene Repairs To Punish Workers For Strike, Union Alleges 08/31/11  
New York Times New York, NY Where Pay for Chiefs Outstrips U.S. Taxes 08/31/11  
Hindu Business Line Chennai, India Trade unionism amidst joblessness 08/29/11  
Philadelphia Business Journal Philadelphia, PA Verizon, other consumer-oriented firms could hurt selves paying low wages 08/26/11  
Boston Globe Boston, MA Verizon, unions will resume talks Wednesday 08/27/11  
Truthout   Verizon Strike Has Big Lessons for US Economy 08/26/11  
Jewish Daily Forward New York, NY Larry Cohen Is Low-Profile Leader of Verizon Strike 08/26/11  
Boston Globe Boston, MA Strike’s negative fallout lingering for Verizon 08/26/11  
Observer Tribune Mendham, NJ Verizon workers raise their voices at Mendham CEO 08/24/11  
Worcester Telegram & Gazette Worcester, MA Verizon’s rank and file left out 08/26/11  
Amsterdam News New York, NY Verizon employees get back to work…for now 08/25/11  
The Hill Washington, DC Verizon strike has bigger lessons for U.S. economy 08/25/11  
CNN Money   Verizon workers filed thousands of unemployment claims    
International Business Times   Jobless Claims Rise, Skewed Higher By Verizon Strike 08/25/11  
Newburyport News Salisbury, MD Company: Verizon strike hobbled business for 8 days 08/25/11  
Reuters   Striking Verizon workers boost US jobless claims 08/25/11  
Southern Maryland Newspapers   Verizon workers end strike 08/25/11 Bergen, NJ Verizon employees back to work this week 08/25/11  
Daily Kos   Unskilled Replacement Workers Put Verizon, Public at Risk 08/18/11  
High Desert Star Yucca Valley, CA Letter: Why 45,000 Verizon workers are striking 08/24/11  
Warwick Beacon Warwick, RI Sides in Verizon strike agree, it's about defining jobs 08/23/11  
NY Daily News New York, NY Gonzalez: Decision to end Verizon strike baffled many 08/24/11  
Boston Globe Boston, MA Verizon workers back on job, but still worried 08/24/11  
Bloomfield Patch Bloomfield, NJ Verizon Reports Strike Is Over -- But No Contract 08/23/11  
Zacks Investment Research   Verizon Workers Resume Work 08/22/11  
WGRZ TV Buffalo, NY Striking Verizon Employees Back to Work This Week 08/22/11  
The Record Bergen County, NJ Verizon Workers to End Walkout 08/22/11  
Star Ledger Newark, NJ Verizon strikers to resume work, agree to stop picketing for a month 08/22/11  
Glens Falls Post Star Glens Falls, NY Verizon workers say strike helped with negotiations 08/22/11  
WBGH TV Binghamton, NY Verizon Strike to End 08/22/11  
Atlanta Post Atlanta, GA Verizon Employees Taste A Morsel of Success 08/22/11  
Daily Kos   Verizon strike ends, at least for now 08/22/11  
Press News Group Southampton, NY Verizon Picketers Return To Work, Bargaining Table 08/22/11  
Vienna Patch Vienna, VA Verizon Strike Ends, But Negotiations Still Appear Rocky 08/23/11  
LA County Federation of Labor Los Angeles, CA Verizon Workers Return to Work, Reach Agreement on Bargaining 08/23/11  
Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, PA Verizon, unions: Novel approach to labor relations 08/23/11  
WIVB TV Buffalo, NY Verizon workers push for a new contract 08/22/11  
NY 1 TV New York, NY Verizon Contract Talks Go On As Strikers Prepare To Work Again 08/21/11  
News & Advance Lynchburg, VA Southwest Virginia Verizon union President talks about strike ending 08/22/11  
WTVR Richmond, VA Verizon strike ends with matters unresolved for now 08/22/11  
Gant Daily Clearfield, PA Verizon strike ends despite lack of agreement on new contract 08/22/11  
Business Week New York, NY Ahead of the Bell: Verizon workers back to work 08/22/11  
AnnandalePatch Annandale, VA Verizon Strike Ends, But Negotiations Still Appear Rocky 08/22/11  
Washington Post Washington, DC Verizon Employees Ending Strike May Help Carrier Mitigate Losses 08/22/11  
Boston Globe Boston, MA Strike is over, but not the sparring 08/22/11  
WIVB TV Buffalo, NY Verizon workers return with no contract 08/20/11
YNN TV Binghamton, NY Verizon workers returning to work as negotiations continue 08/21/11
NY Times New York, NY Verizon Workers Plan to End Strike, Agreeing to Revive Talks Toward a Contract 08/20/11
Lowell Sun Lowell, MA Verizon union workers to return to work, resume talks 08/21/11
Bristol Herald Courier Norton, VA Verizon strike comes to an end 08/21/11
Wilmington News Journal Wilmington, DE Verizon workers return to work 08/20/11
Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, PA Verizon workers to end strike Monday night 08/21/11
Washington Post Washington, DC Verizon workers to end walkout; no agreement on new contract 08/20/11
Boston Globe Boston, MA Unions agree to end strike without new contract with Verizon 08/20/11
PC Magazine   45000 Verizon Workers End Strike, Negotiations Continue 08/20/11
CNN New York, NY Striking Verizon employees to return to work 08/20/11
Examiner Atlantic City, NJ CWA upset with Verizon's statement 08/21/11
Boston Herald Boston, MA Labor peace on horizon for employees, Verizon 08/21/11
Times Dispatch Richmond, VA Verizon workers end strike 08/21/11
Times Union Albany, NY Back to work at Verizon 08/21/11
International Business Times   Verizon Strike Ends: 5 Reasons Why 08/20/11
Daily Press Hampton Roads, VA Verizon workers going back to work, without deal 08/20/11
Reuters New York, NY Verizon strike to end but talks to continue 08/20/11
Albany Times Union Albany, NY Verizon employees will return to work Monday 08/20/11
New York Times New York, NY Verizon Workers Plan to End Strike, Agreeing to Revive Talks Toward a Contract 08/20/11
Democracy Now New York, NY The Verizon Labor Battle: As Strike Continues, Customers Report Delays and Disruptions to Service 08/19/11
Levittown Patch Levittown, NY VIDEO: CWA 1104 Workers Strike Near Verizon Buildings 08/19/11
Boston Hearald Boston, MA Verizon puts new biz on hold 08/20/11
Richmond Times Dispatch Richmond, VA UFCW members join Verizon employees on picket line 08/20/11
The Chronicle Goshen, NY Orange County Democrats support striking Verizon workers 08/19/11
News Leader Staunton, VA Verizon's striking workers take message to public in Staunton 08/19/11
Independent Messenger Emporia, VA Local Verizon workers on strike 08/19/11 Bergen County, NJ Verizon strike paying off for police 08/20/11
NY1 New York, NY Violence Reportedly Used Against Striking Verizon Workers 08/19/11
Providence Journal Providence, RI 300 striking Verizon workers gather for Providence rally 08/19/11
MSNBC Rotterdam, NY Some customers feel the impact of Verizon strike 08/19/11
NY Times New York, NY Customers feeling the effects of Verizon strike 08/19/11 Syracuse, NY Friday's commentary: Verizon management seeks huge concessions from union 08/19/11  
International Business Times   Verizon Strike Update: CWA Union Creates Fund for Striking Families With Special Needs 08/19/11  
Asbury Park Press Asbury Park, NJ Picketers protest outside Verizon store in Hazlet 08/19/11  
WTAE Pittsburgh, PA Verizon Strike leaves customers hearing static 08/18/11 Mendam, NJ Striking Verizon workers protest at CEO's NJ home 08/18/11  
Villager New York, NY Verizon and union arent connecting on new contract 08/18/11  
Suffolk News Herald Suffolk County, NY Union workers strike in Suffolk 08/18/11  
Berkeley Patch Berkeley, CA Union Members Picket Berkeley Verizon Store 08/18/11  
Elk Grove Patch Elk Grove, CA Communication Workers of America members and supporters picket a Verizon Wireless store in Elk Grove. 08/18/11  
WDBJ TV Roanoke, VA Health Benefits will be terminated for 45,000 Verizon workers 08/18/11  
NY Daily News New York, NY de Blasio - In Verizon fight, let's pick sides: With workers on strike, the city should question its contracts 08/19/11
AlterNet   Can You Hear Us Now? Striking Verizon Workers Rally For Good Jobs and Fair Contracts in New York City 08/17/11  
Examiner Atlantic City, NJ An open letter to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdams 08/17/11  
New York 1 New York, NY Educational Panel Approves DOE-Verizon Contract Following Protest 08/17/11  
WBNG TV Binghamton, NY Good video of strikers and action by Binghamton City Council voting unanimously to support strike 08/18/11 Philadelphia, PA Verizon unions taking their case to the finely manicured streets of the bosses 08/18/11  
Leesburg Today Ashburn, VA Striking workers rally in Ashburn 08/16/11  
WRGB TV Saratoga, NY Verizon strike affecting consumers, businesses 08/17/11  
Express Times Lehigh Valley, PA Verizon strike means customers should expect longer wait times when it comes to outages 08/17/11  
Gloucester Times Gloucester, MA Verizon strike snags RAA phone lines 08/17/11  
International Business Times   Verizon Strike Update: Union Claims Replacement Workers Untrained, Unqualified 08/18/11  
Daily Mail Green County, NY Verizon workers rally for benefits 08/18/11  
Village News Chester, VA Chester workers join Verizon strike 08/17/11  
Eagle Tribune Londonderry, NH Strikers picket near Londonderry Verizon store 08/17/11  
Citizens Voice Wilkes-Barre, PA Striking Verizon workers rally outside wireless store 08/18/11  
Daily Freeman Hudson Valley, NY Striking workers aren't thugs 08/18/11  
Observer Dunkirk, NY Seeing Red 08/17/11  
eCommerce Times   Verizon Strike Could Have Domino Effect 08/17/11  
The Nation New York, NY Striking Verizon Workers Are an Example to Us All 08/17/11  
New York Daily News New York, NY Verizon workers, management dig in for decisive labor battle 'This is no ordinary strike' 08/17/11  
CNN Money   AFL-CIO: Verizon using smoke screen (Richard Trumka video) 08/17/11  
Boston Globe Boston, MA Verizon ad citing pay of $85,000 is disputed 08/17/11  
Billing & OSS World   Verizon Strike: 100K Sign CWA Petition as Company Threatens to Suspend Benefits 08/17/11  
Norristown Patch Norristown, PA Worker Says Verizon Strike 'A Fight For The Middle Class In General' 08/16/11  
Reuters   Verizon Strikers to Lose Health Coverage Aug. 31 08/16/11  
Daily Press Newport News, VA Verizon to suspend health care for striking workers 08/16/11  
YNN Ithaca, NY Downed lines tie up traffic in Outer Comstock 08/16/11  
Washington Post Washington, DC Verizon requests 911 service hearing delay amid strike 08/16/11  
Los Angeles AFL-CIO Los Angeles, CA Stand with Verizon Workers on Strike 08/17/11  
Loudon Times Loudon, VA Verizon, Union workers still seeing Red 08/17/11  
International Business Times New York, NY Verizon Strike Update: Union Plans School Protest 08/17/11  
MultiChannel News   Verizon Calls In Reinforcements On Day 10 Of Strike 08/16/11  
Open Media Boston Boston, MA The America Verizon is Crafting 08/15/11  
America Blog New York, NY Striking Verizon workers speak out 08/16/11  
Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, PA Verizon strike is also a public relations fight 08/17/11  
International Business Times   Verizon Strike 2011: Massachusetts Democrat Congressmen Stand With Picketers 08/16/11
NBC LA Los Angeles, CA Walking the picket line in a tough economy 08/16/11
Boston Globe Boston, MA Verizon strike grows bitter, but not beyond repair 08/16/11
International Business Times   Verizon Strike Update: Scenes from the Picket Line (PHOTOS) 08/16/11
Phoenixville Patch Phoenixville, PA Local Verizon Workers Remain on Strike 08/16/11
Mineola Patch Mineola, NY Verizon Workers Protest on Mineola Boulevard 08/16/11
WBNG News Binghamton, NY Binghamton Could Stand In Solidarity With Verizon Union Workers 08/15/11
Daily Press Newport News, VA Verizon, union file unfair labor charges; strike continues 08/15/11
Forbes New York, NY Verizon strikers honor worker killed in '89 picket 08/15/11
Daily Kos   The Strike is about Middle Class Jobs 08/15/11
Baltimore Sun Baltimore, MD Verizon strike continues as company and workers trade barbs 08/15/11
NBC LA Los Angeles, CA Walking the Picket line? 08/15/11
International Business Times   Verizon Strike Update: Sides Still Far Apart 08/15/11
Crain’s New York Business New York, NY Workers find loophole, picket Verizon Wireless 08/15/11
The Patriot-News Harrisburg, PA Striking Verizon workers take to streets in Harrisburg 08/15/11
WNYC New York, NY Slow Progress in Verizon Strike as Both Sides Dig In 08/15/11
East Meadow Patch East Meadow, NY Verizon Workers Protest on Newbridge Road 08/15/11
WHEC News 10 Rochester, NY "Band of Rebels" protest Verizon 08/15/11
Daily News New York, NY Strikes have become rare in U.S., but New York unions aren't putting them away as tools just yet 08/15/11
Daily News New York, NY Walking the walk on the picket line 08/15/11
In These Times National Verizon Strike Highlights Union Effect on Middle Class Jobs 08/15/11
Public News Service New York, NY Workers: Does Strike at Verizon Have Darker Horizon? 08/15/11
Motion Picture Editors Guild NYC and LA Verizon Workers: ‘We Need To Draw a Line Here’ 08/14/11 Atlantic City, NJ Is Verizon Shutting down union phone numbers 08/14/11
Boston Herald Boston, MA Strike a tought call: Family of Verizon workers struggles amid labor strife 08/14/11
Post Star Glens Falls, NY Verizon strike enters second week 08/14/11
Andover Patch Andover, MA Verizon Union Workers Striking on Shattuck Road 08/14/11
Go Lackawanna Scranton, PA Locals Strike as Talks Break Down 08/14/11
Montgomery Media Gwynedd, PA Verizon workers strike in Upper Gwynedd 08/14/11
Buffalo News Buffalo, NY Striking Verizon Sorkers Vow to Put Up Tough Fight 08/14/11
Times Union Albany, NY Foes in strike play to public 08/14/11
Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, PA Verizon strike keeps union head with Philly roots on the road and on the phone 08/13/11  
Valley Independent Monongahela, PA Union keeps Verizon jobs in the U.S. 08/13/11
Dissent Magazine National The Verizon Strike as the Next Wisconsin 08/13/11
Reuters National Union complains to labor board about Verizon 08/13/11
Nanuet Patch Nyack, NY Verizon strikers unite for candlelight vigil outside chairman's house 08/13/11
NY Times New York, NY Strikers trade barbs with Verizon 08/12/11  
Jansing & Co. (MS-NBC) National Verizon workers in sixth day of strike 08/12/11
Patriot Ledger Quincy, MA Striking Verizon workers picket Quincy repair site 08/12/11
Tarrytown Patch Terrytown, NY Verizon workers take to village streets 08/12/11
SI Live Staten Island, ny Verizon strike spills into Staten Island streets as non-union employees are called to action 08/12/11
The Ed Show (MS-NBC) National CWA President Larry Cohen Discusses the Verizon Strike 08/11/11  
News & Messenger Dale City, VA Verizon workers continue striking in Dale City 08/11/11  
Mid-Hudson News Goshen, NY Orange County Democrats vote to support striking Verizon workers 08/11/11  
WIVB Buffalo, NY Workers send message to Verizon 08/11/11  
Labor Notes National Verizon Strike Turns Away Customers and Chases Scabs 08/11/11  
New York Times New York, NY Verizon Landline Unit at Heart of Strike 08/10/11  
Southampton Patch Southamptom, NY Verizon Picketers Disrupt Biden's Vacation 08/10/11  
Progress Index Petersburg, VA Wireless profits an issue in Verizon strike 08/10/11  
NY Journal News West Nyack, NY Dozens in West Nyack without Verizon service as strike enters 5th day 08/10/11  
Bloomberg New York, NY CWA Union, Verizon Appeal to Congress Amid 4th Day of Strike 08/10/11  
News Journal Delaware Verizon wants limits on strike pickets 08/10/11  
Capital NY New York, NY Bill de Blasio’s bullhorn moment with the striking Verizon workers in Lower Manhattan 08/10/11  
GazetteNet Prince Georges County, MD Verizon and union officials say strike won’t impact Prince George’s service 08/10/11  
Wayne Independent Wayne County, PA Verizon landline employees continue to strike 08/10/11  
Pittsburgh Post Gazette Pittsburgh, PA Judge tells strikers to not block Verizon entrances 08/10/11  
Southern Maryland Newspapers Southern Maryland Area workers join 45,000 in mid-Atlantic Verizon strike 08/10/11  
iBerkshires North Adams, MA Verizon Strikes Hit Berkshire County 08/10/11  
Inter Press Service Rome, Italy Major Telecom Firm in Struggle with Striking Workers 08/11/11  
Seeing the Forest National Verizon's Workers Strike Back At Corporate Greed -- You Can Join Them! 08/10/11  
Bloomberg Businessweek New York, NY CWA Union, Verizon Appeal to Congress Amid 4th Day of Strike 08/10/11
Bloomberg Businessweek New York, NY CWA Union, Verizon Appeal to Congress Amid 4th Day of Strike 08/10/11  
Adirondack Daily Enterprise Saranac Lake, NY Can you hear us now? Verizon workers picket in Saranac Lake 08/09/11  
Olean Times Herald Olean, NY Verizon Workers on Strike 08/09/11  
Loudoun Times Loudon, VA A fight for middle class jobs at Verizon 08/09/11  
Commack Patch Commack, NY Video: Third Day Of Strike At Commack Verizon Facility 08/09/11  
Nyack-Piermont Patch Nyack, NY Verizon Strike Continues, Workers Respond to Verizon Claims 08/09/11  
Rep. Kucinich Cleveland, OH Kucinich Statement in Support of Striking Verizon Employees 08/09/11  
The Atlantic City, NJ Meet Verizons new private security force, the NJ State Police 08/09/11  
Labor Notes National Verizon Strike: As Billions Roll In, Workers Walk Out 08/08/11
WTAE TV Pittsburgh, PA Verizon Strike Keeps Neighborhood's Phone Service Silent 08/09/11  
Bloomberg Businessweek New York, NY Verizon to Pay $50,000 Rewards to Stop Vandalism Amid Strike 08/09/11  
Riverhead Patch Riverhead, NY Striking Verizon Union Workers Picket Riverhead Location 08/08/11  
All Headline News New York, NY Thousands of striking Verizon workers set to picket Monday 08/08/11  
Market Watch New York, NY Verizon, union trade barbs on Day 2 of strike 08/08/11  
Market Watch New York, NY Verizon workers strike for second day 08/08/11 Buffalo, NY Verizon workers hit picket lines 08/08/11  
WAMU Silver Spring, MD Verizon Employees To Demonstrate In Silver Spring 08/08/11  
Business Insider National 45,000 Verizon Workers Just Went On Strike 08/08/11  
Newsworks Philadelphia, PA Verizon workers in Philly among those on strike 08/08/11  
Telegram & Gazette Worcester, MA Other utility workers will honor Verizon picket lines 08/08/11  
Buffalo News Buffalo, NY Verizon strikers prepare to picket 08/08/11 Luzerne, PA Local Verizon workers to picket outside store, office 08/08/11  
Times Tribune Scranton, PA Verizon strike felt regionally 08/08/11  
Newark Post Newark, DE Verizon workers go on strike in Delaware 08/08/11  
Daily Item Lynn, MA 45,000 Verizon workers strike 08/08/11  
Altoona Mirror Altoona, PA 45,000 Verizon workers strike 08/08/11 Philadelphia, PA Customer service seems unaffected by Verizon strike 08/08/11  
Bloomberg Businessweek New York, NY Verizon Workers Strike for Second Day as Contract Talks Stall 08/08/11  
Boston Globe Boston, MA 45,000 Verizon workers walk off the job 08/08/11  
Times Leader Wilkes Barre, PA Local Verizon workers join strike 08/08/11  
Roanoke Times Roanoke, VA Verizon workers in region on strike [with poll] 08/08/11  
Toledo Blade Toledo, OH Official: Striking workers picket Verizon locations from Massachusetts to Virginia 08/08/11  
Viriginian Pilot Hampton Roads, VA Hampton Roads Verizon workers walk off jobs 08/08/11  
Colorado Springs Gazette Colorado Springs, CO 45,000 Verizon workers strike after labor talks fail 08/08/11  
Lehigh Valley News Lehigh Valley, PA Lehigh Valley workers among Verizon employees on strike 08/08/11  
Morning Call New York, NY Verizon strike tensions heighten on Day 2 08/08/11  
Washington Post/Bloomberg Washington, DC Verizon Unions Strike for Second Day as Contract Talks Stall 08/08/11  
WPXI Albany, NY Thousands Of Verizon Employees Go On Strike 08/08/11 Buffalo, NY Verizon failed labor talks affect WNY 08/07/11 Buffalo, NY Midnight hits, Verizon workers strike 08/07/11  
Newsday Long Island, NY Striking Verizon union workers picket on LI 08/07/11  
Times News Cumberland, MD 45,000 Verizon workers strike after talks fail 08/07/11  
MSNBC Scranton, PA Verizon Strike Hits NEPA, Mid-Atlantic & New England 08/07/11  
Journal Gazette Ft. Wayne, IN 45,000 Verizon landline workers strike 08/07/11  
Long Island Long Island, NY 45K Verizon Workers Strike After Labor Talks Fail 08/07/11  
Iowa State Daily Ames, Iowa Strike hits Verizon as 45,000 walk out 08/07/11  
WNYC New York, NY Verizon Workers Strike as Contract Talks Break Down 08/07/11  
Niagara Gazette Niagara, NY About 1,000 Verizon workers strike locally 08/07/11  
American Chronicle Hampton, VA Hampton Roads Verizon workers on strike after contract talks stall 08/07/11  
Post Standard Syracuse, NY Verizon workers to continue strike Monday 08/07/11  
Haverford Havertown Patch Havertown, PA Verizon Union Workers Picket 08/07/11  
Asbury Park Press Asbury Park, NJ Verizon Communication Inc's wireline division on strike; landline operations could be affected 08/07/11  
WKTV Utica, NY Verizon workers hit the picket lines in Utica 08/07/11 Star Ledger Newark, NJ Verizon strike could last months as picketers seek new contract 08/07/11  
WWBT - TV Richmond, VA Thousands of Verizon workers on strike 08/07/11 Star Ledger Newark, NJ Thousands of Verizon workers in NJ go on strike 08/07/11  
Baltimore Sun Baltimore, MD 45,000 Verizon workers strike as company seeks benefits downgrades 08/07/11  
ABC News New York, NY 45,000 Verizon Union Workers Strike in Contract Dispute 08/07/11  
WEMU 97.1 Ann Arbor, MI Verizon unions strike after contract talks fail 08/07/11  
Providence Journal Providence, RI Verizon union employees on strike along East Coast 08/07/11  
Lebanon Daily News Lebanon, PA Verizon workers in Philly among those on strike 08/07/11  
Pittsburgh Tribune Review Pittsburgh, PA Verizon workers strike over new labor contract 08/07/11