Now They Want to Slash Their Benefits

Joe  H.When the twin towers fell, Verizon workers like Joe Hanley stepped up -- rebuilding the phone system in lower Manhattan and restoring the stock exchange just days after September 11th.

Ten years later, as a result of his work at Ground Zero, Joe suffers from numerous health problems. Despite making billions in profits, Verizon is pushing a contract that will eliminate sick days for workers hurt on the job, cut health coverage promised to retirees and force workers like Joe to pay thousands per year in healthcare costs.

Bargaining for a fair contract continues at Verizon, and Joe's story is a clear illustration of what we are fighting for and why your support is so important.

Sign our solidarity message today and show Verizon workers that you stand with them in defense of the American dream.

I stand in solidarity with Joe and 45,000 other CWA & IBEW members in defense of middle-class jobs.