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Unite in Strength

Working for a company feeling the pinch of the recession?

Find Strength in Unity

The current economic crisis has had a damaging financial impact on companies and their employees nationwide. Roughly 30 companies representing over 70,000 employees represented by CWA are currently in financial distress – defined as either being in or potentially near bankruptcy. That number is unstable: it will shrink or expand depending on the length and severity of the current recession. The effects, however, are clear – employees out of work, incomes reduced, communities threatened.

We have created this web site to give tools to CWA local union officers, members, and potential members. It is imperative that we become more proactive and better prepared for cases of financial disruption.

The earlier we become aware and involved, the greater our chances for achieving a more desirable outcome and mitigating the effects of corporate financial problems on employees.

Below, you will find a set of materials that will hopefully be both informative and useful in working through the consequences of financial distress.

Companies threatened with extinction pose unique challenges to their workers, both represented and unrepresented by a union. We hope this site can give workers in distressed companies the tools to ensure that a final settlement is equitable to all stakeholders.

Together we can be strong.