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Save 15% by Switching to AT&T Wireless

  • Only unionized wireless service company - "Proud to be Union"
  • 15% discount off regular monthly rate for all AT&T wireless individual or family plans*
  • Union member-only savings on AT&T cell phones and cell phone accessories**
  • Unique labor union member advocate program that helps you with AT&T wireless customer service

Unionized AT&T wireless service for less
Living in a wireless world doesn't have to break your bank. With the AT&T Wireless Discount, labor union members save 15% off the regular monthly rate for individual and family wireless cell phone plans* on the nation's largest wireless network.

Savings on AT&T cell phone plans, phones and accessories
Not only do you save 15% off the regular wireless service costs, but labor union members also receive additional savings on cell phones and accessories like ear buds for hands-free talking. Union families typically save $71.88 a year with the Union Plus AT&T Wireless Discount based on 15% savings on a $39.99 plan. Higher minute plans save even more.

Not only will you be saving--you'll be supporting CWA workers and their families. AT&T respects the collective bargaining process and is the only wireless company that is completely unionized. Some 40,000 AT&T Mobility employees are represented by CWA.

1. Shop online

Find specials on AT&T cell phones and purchase wireless service or add a line to your existing AT&T Wireless account online.

You will be asked to certify that you are a current or retired union member prior to entering the AT&T Web site.

You will also be asked to provide your union name and local number at time of check out.

2. Call 1-800-897-7046

Purchase new wireless service or add a line to your existing AT&T Wireless account.

Notify the AT&T customer service operator that the AT&T Wireless Discount FAN number is: 3508840

You may be asked to fax proof of union membership if you call AT&T customer service to purchase or change your existing service.

Download "proof of membership" form here.

3. Shop Locally

Find an AT&T store location near you by clicking the button below. Note: The union discount is ONLY available at AT&T stores, NOT at any authorized dealer or kiosk.

Print the AT&T wireless discount savings coupon now. If you have trouble with the coupon download, notify the AT&T store that the AT&T Wireless Discount FAN number is: 3508840.

Bring the AT&T wireless savings coupon and one of the following acceptable forms of union identification to the store:

  • Union Membership Card
  • Payroll Stub That Shows Union Dues Deduction
  • Union Plus Credit Card

CWA Members: Contact your Local to replace a lost membership card.
CWA Retirees: You are eligible for the discount if you can show membership in the CWA Retired Members Council. If you have lost your Council membership card, contact

What If I Am Already an AT&T Customer? 

Follow the same procedure.  You will need to sign up for a new two-year service agreement. 

This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounted rate plans. The Union Member discount is off standard published monthly access charges.

* Excludes additional lines for family plans, AT&T Unity plans and unlimited plans
** Union members can purchase the 3G iPhone at regular price and receive the 15% AT&T Wireless discount off the AT&T wireless service plan. NOTE: The discount only applies to service using the 3G and 4 iPhone. There will be no discount for service using the original (2G) iPhone