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Panel two - Erik Garr

J. Erik Garr, PricewaterhouseCoopers- former General Manager, National Broadband Plan, Federal Communications Commission

Presentation summary

  • Broadband: general purpose technology driving innovation, economic growth, social benefits
  • Jobs – jobs for installation and servicing of broadband technology infrastructure, jobs using broadband technology to innovate
  • Inequality – need to address unequal access to broadband coverage
  • Government - role of government in facilitating broadband expansion at the federal, state and local level
  • Economic competitiveness – increasing the technological capital and economic competitiveness of the United States with broadband
  • Policy implications:
    • Investment – reduce deployment cost; R&D
    • Inclusion – reform universal service program, increase adoption
    • Public purposes – use broadband to improve education, health care, public safety, energy conservation