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Broken Connections: An Alternate Shareholders Report

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Massive Profits

Verizon and its executives rake in money 
while workers endure cuts

The top five Verizon executive made almost $350 million over five years

The top five Verizon executives made almost $350 million over five years while proposing deep cuts for frontline workers. Leadership for America means creating an economy that works for all of us — not just the top 1%.

Profitable companies that cut wages and jobs for the 99% don’t create sustainable communities. America needs broadly shared prosperity and a strong middle class.

“A few people want all the money, when thousands of us support families...Everyone can see how much the company wants to take from us — even though they’re making more, they want to give us less.”

— Matt Rivera
14 years with Verizon

Our children and grandchildren deserve better than a growing divide between the super-rich and everyone else.

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What could you buy with a Verizon executive's salary?

Here are some things $349.2 million could buy


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