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Worker Power Update

Minnesota Bans Captive Audience Meetings, Enacts Other Labor Reforms

Yesterday, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed into law a labor reform legislation package that had previously been passed by the Minnesota House and Senate.

The package includes one of CWA’s top priorities: a ban on mandatory anti-union “captive audience” meetings that employers use to prevent workers from forming unions. That part of the legislation, which was co-sponsored by State Representative and AFA-CWA Local 27048 member Kaela Berg, makes it illegal to retaliate against workers who decline to participate in meetings that are designed to intimidate workers and weaken their organizing efforts.

CWA members in Minnesota mobilized in support of the ban and held a town hall in April to educate members and the community about and build support for this critical pro-worker legislation. Michalea Arellano and Kaylie Johnson, who are organizing unions with CWA Local 7200, testified at the Senate and House hearings on the bill, respectively. CWAers’ activism in the midterm elections, which gave control of the House, Senate, and Governorship in Minnesota to pro-worker Democrats, laid the groundwork for this victory.

Other provisions in the reform package include a paid sick leave mandate, a ban on non-compete agreements, and requirements that companies disclose quotas and performance metrics that could result in workers being fired if they aren’t met.


CWA-endorsed Mayoral Candidate Wins Philadelphia Primary

CWA-endorsed candidate Cherelle Parker won the Democratic mayoral primary last week in a tightly contested election.

In the March endorsement announcement, CWA District 2-13 Vice President Ed Mooney said that Parker had stood with and fought alongside CWA members “at the Statehouse, in the City Council, and on the picket line.” He also noted that she “understands that union membership is the best way for working people to boost their wages and improve their working conditions, and that good, family-supporting union jobs are the backbone of Philadelphia’s economy.”

Accepting the endorsement, Parker said, "Together, with the support of CWA, we will ensure that Philadelphia is the safest, cleanest, and greenest city in America, and that we provide economic opportunity for everyone, especially through strong unions and strong union membership."