Why is AT&T Closing Call Centers after Getting $20 Billion in Tax Breaks?

AT&T workers in Connecticut were joined on Monday by Sen. Richard Blumenthal and other labor allies to speak out about AT&T's planned closure of several call centers in Connecticut in the coming months.

Despite pulling in nearly $20 billion in tax breaks last year, AT&T has rolled out plans to close a number of call centers in recent weeks. After announcing last month that a call center in Syracuse, N.Y., would be closing, the company informed workers at three call centers in Meriden, Conn., on February 22nd that their jobs would be going to Tennessee and Georgia. The workers, many of whom have been with AT&T for more than 30 years, were told that they would have to move or end their careers with AT&T. 

"AT&T should have to explain why it's rolling out closure after closure, and upending lives of workers who've given the company so much," said David Weidlich, President of CWA Local 1298. "To be out in front of the tax bill making promises about jobs and then pushing workers to relocate far away—there is simply no excuse. AT&T is profitable, there's plenty of work to do in the company and no good reason why these jobs need to be moved out of Connecticut."

WATCH the press conference here.